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Brightside wins our very FIRST award. She rocks!

07 Dec 2009
a spoonfull of sugar

And the award goes to... A spoonful of sugar!

We are very proud of our bloggers and the love and passion they pour into their food and the beautiful blogs that we see everyday. It's a hub of inspiration and foodie delight.

Here is a peek into the life of Brightside, a spunky foodie with a sassy twinkle in her eye and a serious talent in the kitchen. She is a Cape Town girl with a love for local food who enjoys experimenting with new flavours. She has recently done a three-part series on 'Lovin' it local' - click here to have a look. She is now busy cooking up a storm from the revamped and uber famous 'Cook and Enjoy' by SJA de Villiers, so watch this space...

Q: What do you do when you’re not spending time in the kitchen making gorgeous food?

I’m either eating said gorgeous food or shopping for ingredients to make said gorgeous food.

Q: What would be your perfect foodie destination holiday and why?

Morocco. For the smells and spices and the way everything looks so fresh. I’d like to learn to make couscous from scratch.

Q: What would you eat for your last supper and why?

Nina’s Tuscan Lamb stew with beans and lemon. The rich flavours with lots of bread are so comforting, and I’m going to fart when I’m dead anyway, so the beans won’t matter.

Q: Who is your hottest celeb chef and why?

Jamie Oliver. I know he’s not so gorgeous, but watching him wield that knife in a kitchen while lisping at me just gets me, uh… hungry.

Q: What 5 ingredients would you take to a deserted island?

Canned tomatoes (pull tab)

Q: If you had a restaurant what would you name it, and what would your specialty be?

I’d still like to do something communal in the way of a restaurant, with dishes of the day like stews, potjies, maybe even spits if the occasion calls for it, and everyone eats together around long tables (if you go to the Grahamstown festival, do visit The Long Table and you’ll see what I’m talking about).

Q: Name one thing that you refused to eat when you were young?

There isn’t much besides fish. I grew up in boarding school so if you didn’t eat what they were serving, toughies for you.

Q: What is your foodie vice e.g. chocolates, fast food etc?

Chips. Hot, slap, drenched in vinegar chips. On bread, with fish, on their own. Yum.

Q: What is your favourite restaurant and why?

This is a toughie. I don’t really have one; depends on what I’m in the mood for. I love Mr Chan’s  in Sea Point for Chinese and Rick’s Café Americain makes a fantastic tagine.

Q: If you could be a fruit – which one and why?

A watermelon. Tough skin, sweet on the inside but beware of the pips if you don’t handle me with care.

Q: What is the worst meal you’ve ever cooked?

Flopped Malva Pudding. Don’t know what happened, but I won’t be trying it again soon.

Q: What is the one implement in the kitchen you cannot do without and why?

My frying pans. They’re just so versatile, everything always fits and the non-stick ones are so easy to clean.

Q: Who would you like to sit down for dinner with 5 other people?

My brother Lliam, my mom, my boyfriend Danny, his sister Zelda and my niece Chantel. Because that’s what families do – we eat together.


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