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8 Foods you’ve been eating all wrong

Some foods can be rather tricky and pretty time-consuming to eat.

by: Robyn Lucas | 21 Dec 2017

From being gloriously messy to being maddening hard to peel, some foods can be rather tricky and pretty time-consuming to eat.

Or… could you be eating them all wrong?


First, you lick it, then you twist it and then you dunk it, right? Wrong!

According to Diply, you’ve been eating your favourite snack incorrectly. When dunking your little cream-centred cookie, your fingers often tend to dip in the milk as well. To avoid it from happening, simply stick the cookie on to a fork and then dip it into your milk to avoid having it all over your fingers – easy right?


Perfect for that summer salad! But when slicing the stem away from these sumptuously sweet little fruits, you end up wasting so much of the good stuff!

But as Food Best points out, to get the most out a strawberry, all you have to do is push a straw through the bottom to the top, coring the fruit – leaving you able to enjoy much more of the strawberry.

Chicken wings

Chicken wings are so yummy to eat but you usually left with a half-eaten wing because the meat is firmly wedged between the bones

The best way to get the most out of your chicken wing is to pull the cartilage off at the wide part of the wing, gently twist it and then remove the small bones. Do the same thing with the large bone and you’ll be able to fully enjoy your saucy little wing.


Cupcakes are the perfect sweet treat for that afternoon tea but it’s often a challenge to get the right balance of frosting and cake in one bite.

If you’re sick of getting a bit of frosting on your nose, use this clever trick from Minq. Simply twist off the bottom half of the yummy treat and place it on top to make a cupcake sandwich – that way you get the most out of your cupcake!


This delectable fruit helps boost your immune system but peeling the small pieces off the outer skin can often be a daunting task.

To make peeling an orange easier, all you have to do is cut off each end and then make a slice vertically into the orange. Then have to roll out the citrus fruit to reveal the vitamin-filled wedges for yourself to enjoy.

Toffee apples

Kids usually eat the yummy toffee apple by holding the stick upright and biting into it from the top. Instead, try turning the stick horizontally and start eating it like you would a mielie, Diply recommends, to avoid a sticky situation.


It’s quite hard to start chasing these small green vegetables around the plate with your fork.

To prevent this, do it like the British do – mushy! All you have to do is use a fork to mash up the peas, making it easier to eat.

Boiled eggs

Peeling a boiled egg’s shell could prove to be a time-consuming task.

To make things easier for yourself, all you have to do is boil your eggs with a teaspoon of baking soda,BuzzFeed advises. When it’s done boiling, crack a quarter size hole at each end of the egg and blow it. Your egg should come right out of its shell.


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