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8 Essential items to add to your shopping trolley this month end

Read this before you head out to the shops!

by: Katy Rose | 28 Feb 2019
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We put together a list of our favourite ingredients and products from February. Add them to your shopping list this week, and learn some new skills in the kitchen. Haven’t made your shopping list yet? Read about how we saved money using meal planning. 

1.Try a  new kind of tea

Tea can be so much more than just boring Ceylon tea with milk and sugar. Try a flavoured rooibos tea or even a fruit tea - they’re great for bedtime relaxing because they have no caffeine at all! Here’s a great guide before you go shopping: Tea time: everything you’ve always wanted to know about your cuppa

2. Tennis biscuits

Everyone’s favourite tea time treat is also a busy chef’s savour! Rustle up dessert in no time, and impress your guests with your kitchen skills.

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3. Hellman’s mayonnaise

Hellman’s mayo South Africa dropped a brazen twitter campaign this month, piggybacking on the commentary on Finance Minister Tito Mboweni’s budget speech. Check with your local supermarket, but Hellman’s has assured us that the recommended retail price has been reduced countrywide to R49. So go on, spoil yourself with some fancy mayo! 

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4. A bag of teff

And no, that’s not an insult! Teff is a North African grain that is gaining in popularity, with Elizabeth Mamacos predicting it is set to be the next ancient grain superstar since quinoa! 

5. Chicken braai pack

Grab a pack of chicken portions - March is the month you finally master succulent, tasty chicken pieces on the fire. Tessa Purdon gives us some essential tips like: Poultry with the bone-in will offer more flavour, but bones are poor conductors of heat so these pieces will take a little longer to cook.

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6. Reusable fruit and vegetable bags

This month, leading South African retailer Pick n Pay announced that they will be selling reusable netting bags for loose fresh produce. The bags are available at selected stores at present, with plans to roll them out to all stores nationwide soon. The story was one of our most popular Facebook posts: 

7. Ostrich

A growing number of South Africans are turning to ostrich meat as a substitute for beef or lamb. The red meat has a number of healthy benefits, such as lower cholesterol and lower saturated fats. The lower price is the real reason that we’re excited about ostrich meat - here’s everything you need to know before you cook ostrich for the first time. 

8. Baking paper

This one is a little odd because it’s not for your cooking, but rather for your food photography! Professional food photographers tell us their secrets to better Instagrams with Brett Fields sharing that baking paper is his number one secret trick! Don’t forget to share your pics with us on Instagram, and tag #food24_sa if you would like to featured on our feed! 

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