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7 exquisite foods that took the foodie world by storm

They still have the ability to make us drool!

14 Jul 2016
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Different food fads make their appearance on a daily basis, but the most wow ones stay engraved into our hearts...and of course our taste buds.

When we laid eyes on them for the first time, especially the sushi burger and the ice cream sandwich, their pictures spoke volumes and created an internet craze as well as encouraged different establishments to try their hands at the tasty new items.

Scrolling away on Instagram shows us that these food sensations aren't going anywhere. We can only hope for more wacky inventions!

Here are some of some foodie highlights:

1. Donut ice cream cone

We all know the ‘wafer cone’ the most enjoyed treat while growing up. But not for long as the new cone dubbed the doughnut ice cream cone makes its way to fame.

Another day, another dessert #donuticecreamcone

A photo posted by Alessandra Tacconelli (@aletacconelli) on

2. Sushi donut

Recently the sushi donut made its appearance – that stirred up quit a hype among sushi lovers. The similarities between the conventional doughnut and the sushi burger were barely noticeable – too real!

3. Sushi burger

When the sushi burger made its first appearance, the interesting food item took online craze to a new level. It's appearance was and still is a peace of sushi art!

Sushi burger! ??:@_thebalancedkitchen Follow us: @UnchartedTravel Tag: #UnchartedTravel

A photo posted by Travel | Discover | Eat (@unchartedcuisine) on

4. Choc chip ice cream cookie sandwiches

Who can resist a freshly baked biscuit with one of your favourite flavoured ice cream as your filling?

5. Extreme milkshakes

We'll admit, this might be one to share. This overly-layered milkshake is a combination of all treats whether it’s smarties or hundred and thousands. Be amazed!

6. The edible coffee cup

Not only do coffee lovers get to enjoy some soul soothing coffee, but they can finish the cup now too!

7. Colorful bagel

The rainbow bagel is such a beaut! You won't be looking at the conventional bagel again. See Zola Nene's recipe here.

- Mandy Blankenberg

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