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6 Totally achievable food resolutions for 2019 that don't include dieting

Ditch the diet and try these food resolutions in the new year that are actually worth keeping

by: Katy Rose | 07 Jan 2019
new years resolution, food waste, food trends

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The new year is a time of fresh starts, big dreams and for many - big promises of dieting and slimming down after the festive season. While changing what you eat can make a big difference to how you look and feel, we’re looking a little deeper at some resolutions that will help your body, mind, wallet and community. 

1. Ditch the plastic bags

Plastic bags in South African supermarkets will soon become a thing of the past, with some stores not selling them at all. A small change in your behaviour is all it takes to kick the plastic bag addiction. Keep fabric shopping bags in the boot of your car or a small folded nylon tote in your backpack and soon you’ll wonder why you ever needed plastic bags at all!

new years resolution, food waste, food trends

2. Eat the offcuts

Vegetable offcuts can actually be really delicious and can help you get more nutrients while cutting back on wastage. Think of using up finely chopped broccoli and spinach stems, carrot leaves, beetroot greens and even potato skins. 

3. Bye paper coffee cups, hello savings!

A takeaway coffee is a regular treat (or necessity!) for many of us. Invest in a reusable coffee cup, and cut back significantly on the waste you create on a daily basis. Not sure where to begin? Read our guide to BYOM (bring your own mug) and find out which coffee shops offer great discounts! 

new years resolution, food waste, food trends

4. Grow your own

Growing your own food is rewarding, and teaches you and your family about the real value of food. You can start with a basil plant on your kitchen windowsill, and progress to a few spinaches on the balcony or a mint bush on the front step.

5. Buy less, waste less

How much food do you throw away? With every old potato, bag of tomatoes or leftover spaghetti you throw away, you are throwing your money into the bin! The easiest way to combat food waste is to shop regularly but in small amounts, with a specific recipe in mind. Here are some of our thoughts on food waste. 

6. Walk to the supermarket

Is your supermarket close by? Take a walk there (don’t forget the shopping bags too!) and get in a little bit of extra exercise. This will help you to keep your total shop smaller and you will be more aware of what you buy. Reserve the car for trips when you need to buy the heavier items like sugar or washing powder.

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