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6 top stories of the week you shouldn't miss

From Donald Trump's orange skin to #Toblergate, awful potholes in SA and more!

11 Nov 2016

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With so much happening in the news this week, there's a big chance you may have missed all the great lifestyle stories. Not to worry though because we've gathered them all here for you to read.

Have a look at what you may have missed this week...

1. Food24: UK chocolate lovers up in arms over the new shape of Toblerone
Makers of one of the world’s most loved milk chocolates has shocked chocolate lovers in the UK by changing the size of the gap between the breakable pieces. Click here to read.

2. Wheels24:
Which city has the worst potholes in SA? More than 18 000 respond
Readers share their jaw-dropping images and stories of potholes in South Africa. Click here to see.

Parent24: Don't do as President does, do as I say
Here’s why our kids should not be following Donald Trump and the lessons we teach them. Click here to read.

4. Traveller24: Witness the biggest Supermoon in 68 years!
But be aware of the extreme weather alert that comes with it! Click here and here to read.

W24: Okay, let’s talk about why Trump is so orange
Is it really as simple as a bad spray tan? Click here to read.

Health24:20 reasons why you should get moving this weekend
We have some motivation for you to kick start your summer body. Click here to read.

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