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French toast tacos and 4 other outrageous breakfast creations that will make your cornflakes jealous

Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day - but we don't think that these really count... or do they?

by: Katy Rose | 18 Apr 2018
outrageous breakfast

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There is no denying it: we love breakfast. It must be the one of the most versatile meals of the day, with options from sweet and cakey, light and fruity or even greasy and meaty.

And then there are those days when you just can’t decide: do I feel like an omelette or a doughnut? Cereal or a waffle? Sausages or pastry?

Well, this is the list for those days: 

Insane loaded donuts
Donuts are the sweet, greasy, portable breakfast snack that we can just never resist. Move aside glazed donuts and traditional jam filled donuts - it’s time for the fully loaded donut!

French toast taco
It’s a taco ‘shell’ made out of French toast, filled with fluffy eggs and crispy bacon bits. There is no category for this creation!

I love how big fast food companies decide to over look NY in its taste test limited runs. This my friend’s is the new limited edition Taco Bell “French Toast Chalupa” , this food porn consists of a cinnamon- flavored french toast shell with scrambled eggs, bacon or sausage crumbles with a side of syrup (mmmmm)..ahhh and here is the bad news, this will only be available for a test run in Dayton, Ohio. If the chalupa does well the chain said they will make it nationwide. If you live in Ohio please eat large quantities of these so the rest of the world can live to????????.. @tacobell #tacobell #tacobellfrenchtoastchalupa #frenchtoastchalupa #tacos #fastfood #foodnews #breakfast #noms #yum #frenchtoast #meneed #fatman #foodreview

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Filled croissants
Pastries have long been a more traditional breakfast option. These croissants have a hidden flavoured centre, which takes our favourite breafast flakey pastry to a whole new level. 

Donut fries
Ok, ok, this is basically just a churro, right? But we’re not mad about snacking on donut fries. Are you? 

Waffle burgers
Is this a burger made of waffles or a waffle holding a burger? Maybe it’s both. This one is taking the breakfast mashup a little too far, but it certainly looks delicious!

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