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WATCH: 5 Things we bet you never knew about avocados

Avocados, why do you have to be so extra?

by: Robyn Brittow | 30 Apr 2018
avocado facts

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From their creamy texture to the beautiful bright green interior, avocados are a superfood of note, that gift us with not only skin benefits but many health benefits too.

WATCH: Here are 5 interesting facts we uncovered about the avocado. 

Can't get enough avocado? Try these 5 recipes that will keep you coming back for more. 

Avocado, egg and sausage breakfast salad with "avo-naise"

 avo naise

Tired of the same old boring mayonnaise? Elevate your breakfast with this creamy avocado alternative.

Healthy Zucchini brownies with avocado frosting

zucchini brownies with avocado frosting

These moist brownies are the perfect dessert, topped with a guilt-free frosting made with an avocado that is both creamy and velvety on the tongue... sorry, ganache you'll have sit this one out.

Baby marrow noodles with avocado pesto

baby marrow noodles with avocado pesto

Meat-free Monday's could not be easier. Try this recipe for a quick and easy pesto that you can even spread on toast!

Mexican beef with avocado and shredded cabbage

mexican beef with avocado and shredded cabbage

Having a fiesta? We've got your menu sorted, serve these mouth watering tortillas paired with your favourite tequila...and as the Spanish would say, "buen provecho!".

Avo and blueberry muffins with dukkah topping

avo and blueberry muffins with dukkah topping

Who said you cannot bake with avocado? This is the ultimate breakfast muffin with blueberries and a delectable dukkah topping that will transform your first meal of the day from dull to delicious!

Whether it be on our pizza, toast, smoothie or even a skin mask, the avocado has earned it's right to be #extra in the culinary world. 


How much of our yearly avocado crop is exported? Take a look

(images: iStock | Upsplash) If you're a Millennial who doesn't own a house or a normal South African that just loves avocado on toast, this might interest you.

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