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5 Items in your kitchen you should throw away immediately

If you have some extra time at home, start by clearing out these items today.

by: Katy Rose | 08 Jan 2019
kitchen tips, new years resolution

Image source: Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

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There are some things that just clutter up your kitchen, and what better time than now to just get rid of the things that are old, dirty and just a bit gross. Here is your list: 

Kitchen sponge

Kitchen sponges and cleaning cloths are some of the most germ-ridden items in our homes, with some experts claiming that they can harbour as many bacteria as a toilet seat! Throw them away on a regular basis - about once a month or so. 

Expired cans and jars

Take a look through your pantry cupboards and check the expiration dates on packets, tins and jars. If the expiry date was in the past month, use it immediately but if the date is older, throw them away right now. The same for any old open packets of dried food like biscuits or grains. 

Chipped or cracked crockery

Chipped coffee mugs and cracked bowls are not only dangerous with those sharp edges, but they are also a great place for bacteria to live. Cracked crockery will never be completely clean as germs settle into the tiny grooves. Throw them away, or repurpose them somewhere else in your home. A cracked mug makes a  great desk organiser, or use a chipped plate as a pot plant drip tray.

kitchen tips, new years resolution

Sauces and condiments

In the back of every fridge is a bottle of chutney or homemade jam from a long, long time ago. If you can’t remember when you opened it, or if you can’t make out what it supposed to be (is it mayo or mustard?) then it is time to throw them away and start fresh. 

Old chopping boards

Chopping boards (especially the wooden ones) can become scored and stained with daily use, and inside those little grooves live lots and lots of bacteria. If you’re attached to your wooden chopping board, you can sand down the surface by about 2mm with sandpaper to get it back to new again. If not, chuck it out and start with a new one! 

kitchen tips, new years resolution

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