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10 Instagram #PlayWithYourFood posts that will leave you wanting more

Play with your food and make snack-time fun!

by: Chanté Felix | 22 Jul 2016
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#PlayWithYourFood basically entails, having fun with your food while creating cute and colourful designs.

Instead of just having a boring snack, try cutting out little shapes or create a piece of art with your ingredients.This will add an element of excitement and it will make you want to eat it (after you’ve taken a picture of it for your Instagram, of cause).

This technique could come in handy when wanting to disguise healthy snacks for kids, making decorations for parties or simply just to have fun when preparing and eating your meals or snacks. Playing with your food can be fun and exciting for both grownups and kiddies alike and if you’re a parent it will offer you an opportunity to spend some time with the kids while doing something functional for both of you. Multi-tasking at its best!

I don’t know about you but when something looks good it instantly makes me want to munch away at the goodness that awaits. If your masterpiece looks way to good to devour and you just want to stare at it all day long, I understand – just take a perfect picture of it and upload to your Instagram, and use the hashtags #Food24_sa and #PlayWithYourFood. This way, you’re sharing it for everyone to see and you’ll always have it to refer back to. 

Here are some #PlayWithYourFood posts for your eyes to feast on!

1. Doesn't this face on a plate design look like a fun family kitchen activity?

Super proud of my kids designs with breakfast today. #playwithyourfood

A photo posted by David Burtka (@dbelicious) on

2. There's nothing like a good waffle and strawberries. Make your own strawberry waffles, using this easy recipe.

Bugs For Breakfast #LadyBugPancakes #PlayWithYourFood #Breaky #Pancakes ??????

A photo posted by haleypopp (@haleypopp) on

3. A healthy, easy-to-make snack with some Pokémon fever!

Pokemon themed snack ????

A photo posted by snacksforchildren (@snacksforchildren) on

This is a super-cool idea for some cute party decorations.

Get playful with your marshmallows people! So cute ?? #margaretriverbakery #havefun #gethappy #playwithyourfood

A photo posted by Kerry Shaw (@theplaycompany) on

5. This is such a cool idea, with Heritage month looming around the corner it would be awesome if we could get this going on South Africa's Instagram.

Yup, my contribution to the great American Instaflag food library! ???????????? #redwhiteandblue #july4th #smoothie #healthibella ????

A photo posted by Juli, Health Coach Baleares?? (@healthibella) on

6. For the love of animals.

7. An easy one using any citrus fruit.

Ulysses, the upbeat ugli fruit with an unfortunate unibrow. #my_alphabet_project

A photo posted by Deni (@denstorm) on


#playwithyourfood #owlfoodart

A photo posted by Chantal Shawn (@chantalshawn) on

9. It doesn't get much cuter than this!

My little mango-turtle??????????????min lille mango-skilpadde ????????

A photo posted by ??ELSA?? (@creativefun4you) on

10. The minimalist.

Breakfast with Miffy ?????? #playwithyourfood

A photo posted by Jen Wood (@craftedbyjen) on



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