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WATER WISE: 5 DIY eco and wallet-friendly kitchen cleaners

Alternative green solutions that will keep germs and bacteria at bay.

by: Shaina Herman | 28 Feb 2018
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Regardless of your water consumption, these 5 easy earth-friendly hacks will give you peace of mind and help you keep a sparkling clean kitchen.

1. All-purpose cleaner:
A classic household staple, this cleaner will keep your kitchen and whole house fresh. 

-  Equal parts white vinegar to water, we recommend 1 cup to 1 cup
-  3-6 drops of essential oil of your choice
-  TIP: Save cleaning a measuring glass and add solution directly into a clear spray bottle, fill halfway with water, then halfway with vinegar.

2. Reusable homemade disinfectant wipes:
(adapted from Keeper of the Home)
Turning to disinfectant wipes is a fantastic way to save on time, money and water. 

cleaners, diy, kitchen

-  Empty ice cream, yogurt or already used baby wipes container
-  Cut 20 squares of scrap material into 10x10cm or 12x12cm use old clothes or rags  
Make cleaning solution
-  1 cup water ½ cup vinegar and lemon essential oil optional
-  Cover squares with cleaning solution in your container
-  Leave for a few hours until completely soaked
-  TIP: Add to pile of towels to washing, they shouldn’t take up much space in the machine or much extra water when hand washing.

3. Baking soda oven cleaner:
Instead of scrubbing with water and soap or using harsh chemicals, try this tried and tested recipe for removing oven grit. 

kitchen, DIY

-  Remove racks
-  Lightly spray or dampen oven with an 8th cup of water
-  Water saving TIP: If you don’t have a spray bottle measure out water and soak small dish towel, dampen oven with wet dish towel
-  Cake on baking powder (about a cm or 2 thick) NOTE: If it’s not sticking to the sides, add a a few drops of water your baking soda directly to make a paste
-  Leave for a few hours, the longer the better
-  Use an old recycled toothbrush to take off any leftover baking soda
-  Wipe down with homemade disinfectant wipe
-  Preheat oven before cooking again

4. Use lemon to clean your cutting boards instead of scrubbing under water:
Yes, you have to clean your cutting board better. 

kitchen, DIY

-  Add a tablespoon of salt
-  Cut a lemon in half
-  Use the fleshy side of the lemon to scrub the salt into the board
-  Fill half a cup with warm water and rinse board

5. Baking soda air freshener:
A 2-step recipe to lift those funky kitchen smells; great for when you can't do the dishes. 

kitchen, DIY

-  Salt or pepper shaker or any jar with pin sized holes on top
-  Fill halfway with baking powder
-  Add 3 drops of your favourite essential oil, lemon, lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus
-  TIP: Add more drops for a bigger container.
-  Give a gentle shake
-  Repeat shake to freshen the freshener

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