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3 Reasons why you should be eating ice cream in Winter

Are you really going to let the cold weather stop you from enjoying your favourite treat?

by: Robyn Brittow | 13 Aug 2018
ice cream

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Winter often calls for warmer desserts but what’s a malva pudding without a dollop of vanilla ice cream?

Not that we need any motivation to eat ice cream whenever we want, there are however a few rational reasons to enjoy the cooling treat even in winter, according to Spoon university.

1. Ice cream is great for soothing a sore throat (anyone who's had their tonsils out will know this!)

2. Your caramel ice cream on a sugar wafer cone won’t melt by the time you walk away from the ice cream truck.

3. Ice cream goes great with those warm puddings and fudgy brownies.

Try these 5 insatiable ice cream cakes in this last month of Winter.

Ferrero Rocher and hazelnut liqueur ice cream cake 

ferrero rocher cake

Caramel popcorn ice cream cake 

caramel popcorn cake

Peppermint ice cream cake

Peppermint crisp ice cream

Neapolitan ice cream cake

neapolitan ice cream

Tiramisu ice cream cake 

tiramisu cake


The fascinating history behind some of the world's most iconic desserts

(Images: iStock) Dessert is always an option, every single one you encounter should be absolutely delicious. So delicious that they leave you feeling like you've just had a party in your mouth. In the Middle Ages rich people treated themselves to desserts like jelly, wafers and preserved fruits and according to Local Histories, rice pudding was considered a medicine up until the 19 th century.

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