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14 Ways to ensure your party guest etiquette is on point

How to be the best guest at a party and get invited everywhere.

by: Leah van Deventer | 22 Mar 2017

Your social-media standing might make you warm inside, but nothing beats the real-world success of being a popular party guest. Here’s how to make it happen.

1. RSVP with enthusiasm
Don’t wait until the last minute to RSVP, it reeks of holding out for something better. And when you do confirm, mention how amped you are for this killer event, and ask what you should bring.

2. Don’t be a ‘Better-offer Ian’
We all have that friend who routinely dumps us for a better offer. It’s both insulting and tacky, and a sure fire way to lose your place on future guest lists.

3. Never be a no-show
If you have a legit reason for cancelling, let your host know ASAP. Bonus points if you schedule a drink with them for the following week so you can get the lowdown. Check out these awesome cocktail bars!

4. Don’t roll in with a bunch of randoms
Believe it or not, your host won’t be thrilled at opening their home to your extended circle. If you want to bring someone, run it by them when you RSVP.

5. Be punctual-ish
Ideally, arrive within half an hour of kick off.  If you are going to sashay in three hours late, be sure to bring a burst of energy to the room, and a bottle of tequila to pass around.

6. Bring your best game
Nothing flatters a host more than pulling a fabulous crowd. Whether the occasion is dressy or caj, make an effort with your appearance, and mingle, oozing sophistication, wit and charm.

7. Spoil your host
This one truly separates the good party guest from the great. Bring a little something to present your host on arrival, whether it’s a bottle of good bubbly for them to enjoy at the party or a flash drive with a series to while away their hangover with.

8. BYOB in abundance
Nobody likes a parasite who abandons their token bottle of plonk and proceeds to get hammered on the collective bounty. To be the best guest, bring whatever you plan to drink plus something festive to share.

9. Don’t puke in the punchbowl
Obviously, this is a no-no, but it goes for pot plants, dogs’ beds and kitchen basins too. If possible, don’t kotch at all, but if you simply must purge yourself of that blue sambuca you politely (but unwisely) drank, do it discretely in the loo, and clean up after yourself.

10. Step away from the tunes
Don’t mess with your host’s playlist. Just don’t.

11. Keep the smoking outdoors
This is not just so that you don’t stink up the curtains, but so that you don’t force your habit on non-smoking guests. But for the love of Gaia, please don’t chuck your stompies in the garden.  

12. Throw away your empties
This one is tricky when you’re in full party mode, but try to remember to throw your empties away when you re-up. It will save your host some cleaning up later.

13. Exit elegantly
When you sense the party ebbing – or feel your own fabulousness fading – it’s time to gather yourself and head home. Never ninja bomb though; always find your host and say goodbye.

14. Follow up
Once the babalas has abated, send your host a thank-you message, telling them what fun you had. It may sound old-fashioned, but it’s uber classy, and the affirmation will leave your host glowing.

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