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13 Mesmerising chocolate videos that you'll want to replay all day

Caution - chocolate dessert porn ahead!

by: Chanté Felix | 21 Jun 2017
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Most people go weak at the knees for chocolate and are suckers for a good piece of chocolate cake, cupcakes, cookies, brownies and ,of cause, a bar of quality chocolate. 

Studies have shown that eating chocolate causes our bodies to release endorphins -"feel good chemicals" - the same hormones released when laughing.

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Similar to the happiness we experience when indulging in chocolate, these videos are ridiculously satisfying to watch. There's just something marvelous about how perfectly the chocolate squirts out of the piping bag and creates a mesmerising pattern or how the chocolate oozes out of a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie that leaves us wanting to watch more... 

This is something that cannot be explained - you have to watch for yourself and witness the art made with the Food of the Gods.

1. Tempered to absolute perfection.  

2. Chewy, chocolate brownie goodness.

Tagga en vän du vill dela dessa sega #toffifee toppade #brownies med !!! Kan det bli bättre?!????

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3. We could literally watch this all day - mesmerising!

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Round and round we go!

We are spellbound by this magic!

6. This right here is chocolate dessert porn!

7. Such precision - a flawless sculpture.

@karim.bourgi #??????????????? #?????????? #??????????????? #????????? #chocolatevideos #cakevideo

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10. The ultimate chocolate chip cookie goal. 

*sigh* #chocolatevideos

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We're drooling! Also who knew that it's actually a ring cake? 

So much chocolate - we must be in chocolate heaven! 

The chocolate ?? #cakes #chocolate #cakesvideos #chocolatevideos

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This is the unicorn of all ribbons!

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- Chante Felix

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