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11 Vegan Instagram accounts that will have you scrolling for days

Vegan food is healthy, natural and beautiful!

18 Jul 2016
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A plant-based diet is not only healthy, but evidently beautiful as well, judging from these vegan themed Instagrammers. 

Many people feel the need to gawk when someone openly reveals that they're vegan, but why? Their meals are heavenly, packed with flavour and stand-out with colour! Nothing beats a totally natural meal that has been created ethically and sustainably.

Take a look at our vegan comfort food round-up, as well our round-up filled with vegan recipes you could use during the week which includes dessert!

Looking for some good vegan food, try out Plant and Raw and Roxy in Cape Town, and Conscious 108 in Johannesburg

Be sure to follow these Instagram accounts for some vegan inspiration - you won't be sorry!

1. Number one on the list has got to be sobeautifullyraw with her droolworthy, colourful posts, you wouldn't know what to look at first! Amazing! Below is her "Raw Vegan dessert burger", yes Vegans get to indulge too!

RAW VEGAN DESSERT BURGER // with a red velvet patty, chocolate mousse, cashew cream, candy floss cream & salted caramel sauce. The recipe is posted quite a few weeks back for those wanting to attempt something similar. (Not one of my most practical meals ?? but it's fun to make!) Sharing this makes me reminisce my raw vegan days. I was raw vegan for about 8 months. Eating mostly fruit, dates, banana ice cream, salads, zucchini pasta etc - it was great, as in - I physically felt GREAT.. However, it didn't pair well with my addictive & obsessive personality. With my past of eating disorders, raw vegan became another way of me to mask my 'secret' and my obsession with controlling my weight. It became a drug. Seeing myself lean out incredibly fast and drop a lot of water weight became quite an addictive process, but it was at the point where I wanted to lose more & more - then, I knew I needed to stop. I stopped eating with friends, with family.. I didn't really want anything to do with anyone apart from eat food. I truly take my hat off to those that thrive off a raw diet, you are true champs! However I love potatoes and rice far, far too much ?? I'm a lot happier being a few pounds heavier and able to relax around food a little more. There are many, many avenues that I've driven down in vegan land. I've tried a lot of things, and I'm by no means perfect. I still struggle with residual obsessions that linger around food from my past days, but I'm always working on clearing them and learning from what is shown to me. Anyway, I'm always happy to be here as support and answer questions about these topics. What we put into our bodies is just as important as our mindset about food, and I always try to promote finding a point of balance that allows you to still achieve your goals, feel alive yet indulge in whatever you choose. What have you found works for you? I write and ask this because there may be someone out there behind this screen, struggling and too afraid and confused to speak out. You never know how you can help someone, so I feel sharing our experiences from a non victimised or judgemental standpoint can be truly healing. Much love to you all

A photo posted by SAM (@sobeautifullyraw) on

2. Gingervegan has plant-based recipes perfect for athletes, gorgeous photo's to catch your attention for quite a while! Here you see one of her many salads.

3. Blogger, foodie and best-selling author known as deliciouslyella, so yummy

4. "theveganpecan" - clear images, popping with colour! And as she states in her bio-Plants only!

I present to you my Italian fully Raw "Wild Rice" xxx

A photo posted by Olivia, 20 (@theveganpecan) on

5. Seen below is one of Andrea Frenkes' many breakfast bowls, also known as a_vegan_frenke on Instagram.

6. Plant-based chef Dillon Indira also known as ohholybasil to "Igers" has a page filled with beautifully styled images!

7. With so many versions of the "nice cream" on her page, Summer will never be the same, fruitandchia.

8. Posts ranging from homemade meals to restaurant meals-guiding you to the best vegan places in Cape Town is talyagoldberg-a very sophisticated page.

9. Healthy recipes, vegan ice-cream and so much more (not completely vegan but there are lots of vegan posts)!!-caralishious

10. Another vegan page from Cape Town-keribainborough! Such a zen look to her page, with incredible food and images.

11. A leafy wrap filled with black rice (check out our goth food round-up)... Jenny Mustard states in her bio, she is a "lover of everything deliciously minimalistic" , it shows on her page.

- Jade Lawrence

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