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100 chefs make world's longest pizza

A pizza just under 2km breaks the Guinness world record!

20 May 2016
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The world's longest pizza was made on Wednesday in Naples, breaking the world record. 100 chefs got together creating the longest margherita in history reaching a length of 1853.88m (almost 2 kilometres), breaking the previous record held in Milan at 1595.45. 

What went in?

So besides the 200 hands forming this mammoth meal, the pizza required 2000kg of flour, 1600kg of tomatoes, 2000kg of Mozzarella, 200 litres oil, 30kg of basil and 1500 litres of water.   

Kilometrelerce uzanan ve tek parça pizza. Hala soktayim ?? #pizzaunesco #longestpizza #napoli

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The real questions is how did they manage to cook this 2km pizza? Well it was a proper wood-fired pizza oven, on wheels, that moved along the pizza lying on to of a long table, just like a train moves along its train tracks. So basically sections would be fed into the oven on elevated racks as the oven moved along the 'pizza tracks'. What else would we expect from the pizza capital of the world?

The event which had been scheduled to take place on Sunday but got postponed, was organised to promote Italy's bid to have the Naples' fine craft of pizza-making recognised by UNESCO. The objective is to recognise pizza-making as a legitimate part of Neapolitan heritage in order to set it apart from other pizza-making techniques in other parts of the world. It seems they may have proved this point!

Watch the video below to see how it was made!

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