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10 Things you had no idea you could braai

Pizza, pie and even omelettes!

by: YOU | 22 Sep 2017

These tips will take your braai to the next level.

1. Omelette in a bag
Place whisked eggs and your favourite topping in a Ziploc bag. Place a pot with water on a fire and bring to a boil. Place the bags in the water and boil until the eggs are cooked. Presto – an omelette.

2. Pie

Grease your folding braai grid, and place a pastry sheet on the cold grid. Put your filling on top of the pastry sheet, cover with another pastry sheet, close the grid and braai over moderate heat until cooked.

3. Pizza
The trick is to braai your pizza base for a few minutes first, then adding your toppings and braaiing further until the cheese has melted.

One gets that perfect smoky wood-fired pizza oven taste with this clever way of making pizza. Try this recipe: Braai pizzas

4. Cones

Fill sugar cones with layers of chocolate bits and marshmallows, cover in foil and place on the grid over the fire and braai for 3 to 5 minutes.

5. Doughnuts

Heat oil in a flat pot over the fire and fry your doughnut dough until cooked.

6. Fruit

Using hard fruits, place cubes on a skewer and braai as desired. Wrap softer fruits in foil, place it on a grid and braai over the fire.

7. Fishcakes

Using any left-over fish, make fish cakes and shallow fry in a cast-iron skillet over the fire.

8. Chocolate fondue

Melt white and dark chocolate in small cast-iron pots on the fire and enjoy with fruit or marshmallow skewers.

9. Bread pudding

Follow any bread pudding recipe as is, but place it in a cast-iron flat pot, place over low coals with a  few coals on the lid and “bake” for about 30 to 40 min.

10. Vegetables

Wrap harder veggies like potatoes, butternut or pumpkin in foil and place it directly in the coals until cooked. Softer veggies like brinjals, mushrooms or courgettes can be sliced or halved, placed on a folding grid and braaied as desired.

Grilling mealies seals in the flavour and the Cajun spice adds to the mouthwatering experience.

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