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10 Healthy food hacks and tips for when you're travelling or at the airport

It's not always easy saying no to the sugar doughnuts and salty snacks that most airports offer.

02 Jan 2019

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Have a long haul (or even just a domestic) flight to catch this week? Here's how to stay healthy while travelling. We know it's just so much easier to grab a muffin or packet of chips to get you through those airport hunger pangs but if you're really (like really really) wanting to stay healthy while you're on a layover, check out our tips and have them front of mind when you're far from home. 

1. Scout out places that offer veggies or salads!

2. When you can, request that your protein option like chicken or fish is grilled.

3. Always stick to water or herbal tea and avoid sugary coffee drinks or alcohol as these dehydrate you. Don't be fooled into thinking smoothies are a good option either because they usually aren't freshly made with wholefood ingredients. Expect sugar-laden faux fruit powders. Trust us. 

4. If your meal comes with a dressing, always ask what the ingredients are and for them to serve it on the side. This way you can drizzle just the amount that you want. 

5. Avoid packets of crisps or 'convenient' ready-to-eat snacks and rather pack your own healthy eats and bring them with you - carrot sticks with a little bakkie of hummus, nuts, fresh fruit, some homemade low carb bliss balls are all great options. 

6. Try and steer clear of the carbs - like white bread and pastries that are usually plentiful in most airport settings. 

7. If you're craving sugar, combat the craving with a snack or meal that's rich in protein and healthy fats - like a grilled chicken salad with avocado. 

8. If you have heightened anxiety  about flying and find the 'chaotic' go-go-go mentality of airports a little too much, (which  inadvertently leads to emotional eating and spending), pack earphones and listen to a grounding and calming guided meditation of soft music - there are loads of helpful apps that you can download like Headspace, Insight Timer, Calm and buddhify to name a few. 

9. If you have to order a coffee (for many people it's a pre-flight ritual), then opt for a simple black Americano with NO sugar. 

10. Lastly - do a quick search online of the food options available in the airport so that you're prepared when you arrive and have a thorough plan to follow. 


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