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“Feast of Murders" Mystery Calendar 2015

Once again we need your sleuthing abilities to catch devious killers while dining on sumptuous feasts at select venues across the city!

08 Apr 2015
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Press release.

24-04-2015    “Horrific Hieroglyphics" Murder Mystery Game/Event
"September 1940, while Italy crossed the Libyan border into British occupied Egypt a group of intrepid explorers set out on a secret assignment to Cairo. A priceless parchment their only clue to finding a vast treasure left behind by an ancient civilisation.


Professor Albert Tulli and his financial backers had managed to have the parchment deciphered and its contents spurred them on to invite a team of experts to join them in Egypt. Firstly the parchment spoke of ancient astronauts leaving a great treasure behind.

Secondly of a secret chamber hidden between the feet of the Sphinx and lastly it alluded to a journey that needed to be taken and forewarned of curses to be avoided. The hopeful explorers would not have predicted that instead of treasure one of them would find death on the river Nile.

Join us for a game filled with mystery and treachery as suspects are transported back in time to the land of sun, sand and sarcophagus’ to unearth shocking secrets and sinister plots before solving this scorching mystery.”

RSVP Date:  10-04-2015
Time:  19:05
Venue:  The Hildebrand, Pier head, V&A Waterfront
Cost:  R350 per person including 3 course dinner and mystery to solve.  
Dress up theme:  "Egyptian Sass"
Online tickets and menu.  

28-05-2015 “The Bloody Grail" Murder Mystery Game/Event
"Salisbury Castle 1950; guests attending as knights and ladies of the round table, celebrate the discovery of a precious artefact that promises to reveal the location of the legendary Holy Grail.

Each guest an expert in their field, mainly historians and grail lore fanatics, had been earnestly working together over the past few months. Finally their collaboration at a dig site underneath the mythical Stonehenge had resulted in triumph.

The wine flowed abundantly and everyone partook in excited discussions ranging from Arthurian lore to Stonehenge legend when the festivities came to an untimely halt.

Following a petrified scream, emanated from the library, the partygoers discovered the body of Kathleen Kenyon-Loret; drenched in an unhealthy pool of her own blood. As a storm started to rage outside the ominous castle walls, suspects need to discover the identity of the killer before another victim joins Kathleen in the hereafter.

Join us for a game filled with mystery and mischief as suspects are transported back in time to expose scandalous secrets and pompous plots to solve this bloodcurdling mystery.”

RSVP Date:  15-05-2015
Time:  19:05
Venue:  The Dining Room, Woodstock
Cost:  R435 per person including 3 course dinner and mystery to solve. (No corkage charge! Remember to bring your own wine as they do not have a liquor licence)   
Dress up theme:  "Medieval Chic"
Online tickets and menu.  

26-06-2015 “Voodoo In The Big Easy" Murder Mystery Game/Event
"Enter steamy New Orleans during the sultry 60’s and take a bite out of the forbidden. Follow the sound of rhythmic drumming to a night of debauchery.

Here you will find the inner circle of ‘the Big Easy’ feasting on caviar and strong spirits while intently ogling gyrating bodies; throwing lusty invitations of sparkling beads at would be lovers.

Amidst the madness Edgar Degas rose from his chair and solemnly made his way through the frenzied crowd to the deserted library. Here he tied a rope over a roof beam, fashioned a hangman’s noose and stepped onto a rickety chair. As if in a trance he pulled the noose over his head, tightening it, the rough hemp biting into his skin.

Edgar balanced himself for a brief moment, staring wistfully into space before lightly stepping off into that dark unknown. A neatly stitched voodoo doll found in Edgars pocket alluded to foul play.

Suspects will have to immerse themselves in a spellbinding mystery filled with shadowy secrets and closets stuffed with skeletons to catch a killer hell bent on twisting the truth."

RSVP Date:  12-06-2015
Time:  19:05
Venue:  La Mouette Restaurant
Cost:  R435 per person including 6 course tasting menu and mystery to solve.   
Dress up theme:  "Groovy Mardi Gras"
Online tickets and menu.  

31-07-2015 “Raiders Of The Golden Incan Tombs" Murder Mystery Game/Event
”Get on the 70’s soul train to Peru and join a game filled with undiscovered treasure and mind boggling treachery.  

A hopeful fellowship set out on a winding quest through valleys surrounding mystical Machu Picchu in search of a dark tomb of legend filled with an unfathomable golden treasure. 

Tempting fame and great fortune is finally within reach when the fellowship suffers a huge blow; Nell Jackson, an Inca cultural specialist, dies an unnatural death to the horror of her companions.

Soon suspicions are running high and the surviving members succumb to paranoia and start to turn on one another.  Murder is on the menu and suspects need to try and stay alive while revenge and greed is added to the poisonous pressure pot of potential motives.  

Expect outrageous characters and a booby trapped mystery that will thrill any would be ace-detective.”

RSVP Date:  17-07-2015
Time:  19:05
Venue:  The Gold Restaurant
Cost:  R350.00 per person including 3 course dinner, gratuity and mystery to solve.   
Dress up theme:  "Funky Tomb raiders"
Online tickets and menu.

28-08-2015 “Arctic Psycho" Murder Mystery Game/Event
“Suspects will be ‘living on a prayer’ when they attend our 80’s inspired murder mystery game filled with shivering suspense and frosty treachery.

A group of treasure hunters sign up for a long and arduous voyage to the windswept shores of Antarctica.  While at sea a series of unfortunate events take the lives of no less than 4 expedition members. Their group numbers dwindling survivors brave the icy cold and trek across the desolate landscape to their final destination.

On the night before they reach their desired coordinates Sir Henry Evans, a religious expert, is found covered in red-tinged snow; his one eye staring blankly into the night sky and a steel ice pick deeply embedded in the other.

Was this another unfortunate accident or can the surviving members finally muster the courage to admit that death is stalking them?
Expect characters with ice in their veins and a plot that will send chills down your spine.”

RSVP Date:  14-08-2015
Time:  19:05
Venue:  Simons at Constantia
Cost:  R405.00 per person including 3 course dinner and mystery to solve.   
Dress up theme:  "Arctic Boho"
Online tickets and menu.

25-09-2015 “The Usual Suspects" Murder Mystery Game/Event
"You are invited to join a murder mystery event filled with pulse racing danger and seductive deceit.

Guests attending the exclusive unveiling of plans to build a Jaguar Sanctuary in the Magdalena Valley, Columbia waited for the big reveal in anticipation.

Unexpectedly a low menacing growl commanded the crowd’s attention. A fearful shudder stirred through the spectators as they recognised the powerful, agile features of a Jaguar confidently gazing down on them from the lower hanging branch of a Yoba tree. 

Fear gave way to terror as the beast rested his lustrous paw on top of the limp body of Hans Hofstadter, infamous patron host of the event...

An unusual list of suspects is currently being detained by Hofstadter's henchmen and you are one of them!  You will have to use your unique skill set to find the person responsible for his death to secure your release; considering how trigger happy Columbian henchmen are, you better follow your instincts and do so with haste!      

Expect villainously-fun characters and a deviously delicious plot with plenty of twists to unravel before you can speed off in your getaway car to your next thrilling adventure."

RSVP Date:  11-09-2015
Time:  19:05
Venue:  Knife Restaurant, Chrystal Towers, Century City
Cost:  R350.00 per person including 3 course dinner and mystery to solve.   
Dress up theme:  "Undercover Suave"
Online tickets and menu.

21-10-2015 “Homage to Back to the Future" Mystery Event
RSVP Date:  7-10-2015
Time:  19:05
Venue:  TBC
Cost:  TBC per person including 3 course dinner , best costume competition and quiz to win.   
Dress up theme:  "Back to the Future Cast Members"
Online tickets and menu:  TBC

30-10-2015 “An Uninvited Ghost" Halloween (Take 1) Murder Mystery Event
RSVP Date:  16-10-2015
Time:  19:05
Venue:  The Cape Town Club, Queen Victoria Road, City Centre
Cost:  R380.00per person including 3 course dinner and mystery to solve.   
Dress up theme:  "Heebie Geebie Ghosts"
Online tickets and menu

31-10-2015 “An Uninvited Ghost" Halloween (Take 2) Murder Mystery Event
RSVP Date:  16-10-2015
Time:  19:05
Venue:  TBC
Cost:  TBC per person including 3 course dinner and mystery to solve.   
Dress up theme:  "Heebie Geebie Ghosts"
Online tickets and menu:  TBC

Please remember to contact me directly on 084 993 8040 or email to reserve your table or seats.
You can do credit card bookings via our website.

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