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The ABC of setting your Christmas table: Here's how it's done

Add a touch of class and elegance to your festive table with a few helpful hints.

12 Dec 2018

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Don't you love the look of a beautifully set dining table at Christmas time? And while it's gorgeous to look at, the planning stages can be filled with pressure... will your guests like it? Is it Insta-worthy? Does the colour scheme make sense? So many things to consider. 

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The folks at Capital Hotel School share some beautiful Christmas table ideas and top tips to keep in mind when laying your festive table this year.

1. Use your imagination, look around the garden and make use of sustainable goods, bake some festive biscuits and even borrow some decorations from your Christmas tree to make your table look inviting and joyful 

2. To add a touch of professionalism (if you are serving 2-course meal), place the cutlery for the first course on the outside and the cutlery for the second course inside that. Thus, with each course served your guests will work their way from the outside towards the inside.

3. Always clear away all main course cutlery and dishes before you set down the cutlery and dishes for cheese or dessert.

4. When setting round tables - stand directly behind the chair to ensure that the side plate, cutlery and serviette are placed correctly in line and look neat


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