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4 Sensational self-saucing puddings perfect for the festive season

These self-saucing puddings are great to have on hand because they’re such a time saver.

by: Robyn Brittow | 21 Dec 2018
4 insatiable self saucing puddings

(image: Jennifer Schmidt/Unsplash)

Self-saucing puddings can be made individually which in turn save you from having too many left-overs or wasted ingredients. They also save time, now you don’t have temper chocolate for a chocolate sauce or pray you don’t curdle your custard because the pudding has the sauce already made.

Tips for enhancing a self-saucing pudding:

- Add berries, fresh fruit and mint for a pop of colour 

- Fresh cream or ice cream doesn't hurt to have on hand for those who want something to cut the sweetness.

Try these 3 fabulous recipes and you won’t be sorry.

Boozy chocolate coffee puddings

boozy chocolate and coffee puddings

Naartjie and Amarula self-saucing puddings

naartjie and amarula pudding

Self saucing lemon sponge

lemon sponge self saucing puddings

The perfect chocolate fondant

chocolate fondant


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