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2 Fabulous ways with potatoes - the one side dish you can't exclude

Whether you're carb conscious or love the occasional golden roast potato, we've got two recipes to satisfy anyone's spud cravings.

24 Dec 2018
2 Fabulous ways with potatoes

(image: Unsplash)

What is Christmas lunch without a golden crispy potato accompanying your roasted meats? We have the 2 best kinds of potato recipes for you to add to your festive menu. 

Sweet potato wedges

Sprinkled with smokey paprika and chilli flakes and paired with a deliciously moreish mushroom sauce, you can't go wrong with this crowd pleaser! Serve as a scrumptious side dish or appetiser.

Spicy wedges

The ultimate crispy roast potatoes

Probably everyone's favourite part of lunch has to be the celebrated potato. The best thing about potatoes is that they're vegan and almost anyone can eat it (if you're not banting of course). The completion to any meal has to be Sam Linsell's recipe for the ultimate cripsy roast potatoes. You can thank us later. 

The ultimate roast potatoes


3 Ways to wow your family with stuffed baked potatoes

Creamy, healthy and hearty! (Image: Benjamin Manley for Upsplash) 7 Insane potato bakes that will make you weak at the knees Potatoes are simply one of the culinary world's most versatile and humble vegetable but there's nothing more comforting and fuss-free than whipping up a quick baked potato - filled (or topped) with a plethora of exciting ingredients.

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