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Our 12 favourite Rooibos recipes to celebrate National Rooibos Day

National Rooibos Day is here and we are excited! Here are a few of our favourite Rooibos recipes.

16 Jan 2018

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Happy National Rooibos Day everyone!

Rooibos is a firm favourite in South Africa and we absolutely understand why. Not only does it have a wonderful history, but the health benefits that come with drinking Rooibos make us love it even more.

Fortunately for us, Rooibos is plentiful and we don't have to pay too much for it. It's not just limited to a drinking tea. You can add it to your bakes, desserts and many other things.

Read below to see some of our favourites: 

Rooibos tea and berry crème brûlée

Rooibos tea and ricotta mousse

Rooibos malva pudding

Rooibos chai tiramisu

Rooibos custard creams

Rooibos, date and banana cake

Overnight rooibos and yoghurt chia porridge

Rooibos tea punch

Healthy rooibos tea gummies

Rooibos roasted pears


Leg of lamb with prunes & rooibos

Rooibos ice cream

When you make one of these delicious treats - be sure to snap a pic and share using the hashtag #rooibosday or #rooibosdag

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Can Rooibos really prevent and treat heart disease?

A number of studies have been done, articles have been written but the question still has not been fully answered. Rooibos tea is South African staple loved across the country as much as it is loved across the world. The tea, which is grown in the Western Cape and nowhere else, is known for its earthy-red colour and lack of bitterness.

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