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5 Pretty pink wines to open for Mother's Day

Here are a few different options for you – dry, sweet, non-alcoholic and personalised... something for every mom this weekend!

by: Cathy Marston | 10 May 2018
mothers day wine pairings

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It seems as if pink wines are everywhere I look at the moment – some sent for Mothers’ Day, others not, but either way, this is a fun style for this special day. 

Papillon Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine R45 from major retailers
This popular fizz is celebrating its 30th birthday this year – yes, that’s right, we’ve been drinking these bubbles  for that long! This one is for large family gatherings – my young son loves it – because it’s alcohol-free and suitable for everyone. Frothy pink fun (there is a white version as well), this is great with breakfast pancakes this Sunday.

De Krans Red Moscato Perlé R55 cellar door
Is there anyone out there still drinking fortified Muscadels? I didn’t think so–because THIS is what you should be doing with Muscat grapes instead. Turning it into lightly-fizzy, low-alcohol fun drink is definitely the best use of this aromatic grape and this new red version is a lovely partner to a berry dessert or some delicious aged cheese. 

mothers day wine pairings

Pierre Jourdan Belle Rosé NV R114 from major retailers
Winemaker Takuan von Arnim is on a mission to take everyone’s favourite still wines from Haute Cabriere to new heights and by the taste of this, he’s elevating the bubblies too. New packaging reflects the improved flavours inside and this delicious light bubbly pairs perfectly with strawberry and raspberry desserts for a touch of decadence this Mothers’ Day.

Krone Vintage Rosé Cuvée Brut 2017 R145 from major retailers
This classic MCC from Tulbagh has received a nice packaging makeover. Made from mostly Pinot Noir, it has a  savoury edge to the bubbles that makes it an excellent choice for sipping with food. Try it with duck and Asian flavours  to capitalize on the spicy notes in the wine. Or drink it in bed this Sunday morning because why not? It’s your day, after all. 

Esona ‘Frankly My Dear’ R285 including delivery
What an interesting idea this is – a personalized bottle of pink with your choice of messages and labels, delivered to the door of any lucky recipient. It’s possibly a bit late for this Sunday but don’t let that put you off (you can send wine to THIS mother any day of the week!) Made from Pinot Noir and bone-dry, it’s a lovely partner for a mild and aromatic prawn curry. Next time you want an unusual and always-welcome gift, you should give this a go. 

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