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Are you named after a wine?

Thinking of a baby name? This list might help...

09 Nov 2015

Are you named after a wine? Because there are a heck of a lot of people who are! Actually, it’s probably the other way round – the wines are named after people – but if I was still in the baby making game, I’d definitely consider naming a daughter after one of this lot. Searching for a great Christmas present for the special lady in your life? Take a look at this list and see if you can strike it lucky!!

Ariane – red blend from Beaumont Wines
Agnes – Chardonnay from Crystallum
Alberta Annemarie – Merlot from Muratie
Alexandra Frances – Shiraz from La Residence
Alice – MCC from Muratie
Amber – Muscat from Muratie
AnaMae – Sauvignon Blanc from Misty Mountains Estate
Anna – white blend from Nabygelegen
Ansela – red blend from Muratie
Aurelia – MCC from Aurelia Wines
Antoinette Marie – red blend from Groenland
Beryl – straw wine from Fairview
Carol – Cabernet Sauvignon from Seven Sisters
Carolyn – Muscat from Vondeling
Catharina – red blend from  Steenberg Vineyards
Catherina – Sauvignon Blanc from Van Eck Family Wines
Cecily – Viognier from Beau Constantia
Christine – red blend from Buitenverwachting
Christine Marie –range of wines by Niel Joubert Estate
Claudia – MCC from Domaine des Dieux
Dawn – red blend from Seven Sisters
Eleanor - Chardonnay from Hartenberg Estate
Elizabeth – red blend from De Zoete Inval Estate
Ella – Cabernet Sauvignon from Miraval
Ellie - MCC from Clos Malverne
Erica – red blend from Vondeling
Eulalia – Shiraz from De Zoete Inval Estate
Fiona – Pinot Noir from Flagstone Winery
Genevieve – MCC from Genevieve
Henrietta – white blend from Bizoe Wines
Hope Marguerite – Chenin Blanc from Beaumont Wines
Isabella – Chardonnay from Muratie
Isobel- rosé from Lothian Vineyards
Jess – rosé from Vrede en Lust
Josephine – Pinot Noir from Domaine des Dieux
June – Merlot from Seven Sisters
Juno – range of whites and reds from Juno wines
Katharien – rosé from Tamboerskloof Wines
Kika – NLH Chenin from Miles Mossop Wines
Lindelize – MCC from Weltevrede Estate
Lucy – white blend from Springfield Estate
Magdalena – white blend from Gabrielskloof
Marianne – wines from Marianne Estate
Marietha – Merlot from Nuweland Wynkelder
Martha – red blend from Hermanuspietersfontein Wynkelder
Mia - Chenin Blanc and Shiraz from Stofberg Family Vineyards
Molly – MCC from Moreson
Myra – white blend from Welbedacht Wine Estate
Nicola – red blend from Yonder Hill
Nicole Charlotte – Cabernet Sauvignon from La Residence
Odelia – Bukettraube from Seven Sisters
Penny – Viognier from Painted Wolf Wines
Rhona – Muscadel from Graham Beck Wines
Rosalind – red blend from Mooiplaas Estate
Rosemary Jane – rosé from La Residence
Rose Mary – rosé from Waterford Estate
Rosie – rosé from Doran Vineyards
Saskia – white blend from Miles Mossop Wines
Sophie – Sauvignon Blanc and more from Iona
Stella – Shiraz from Beau Constantia
Trizanne – range of whites and reds from Trizanne Wines
Twena - rosé from Seven Sisters
Vivian – Sauvignon Blanc from Seven Sisters
Yolanda – Moscato from Seven Sisters


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- Cathy Marston


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