Lobola Wines

The wine of celebration and unity!

02 Oct 2015

Press release:

Lobola is the tradition in many African cultures associated with the celebration of the joining of two families through marriage. A prospective husband (or head of the family) will present the prospective wife’s family with the promise of a ‘gift’ as a sign of respect and appreciation for raising their daughter as a suitable wife, and for allowing her to join the husband’s family. The actual gift is traditionally agreed between the families and can be either cattle or cash.

Lobola is in essence the celebration of the union of two families and is widely practiced and respected. Even our beloved Madiba referred to the transfer of elephants between the South African and Mocambican National Parks as Lobola for his wife Graça Machel.

Why Lobola?

Taillard Family Wines wanted to create a brand that was dedicated to all South Africans who, like them, believe that it is our diversity that makes us unique, but that it is our unity that is worth celebrating. Lobola Wines echo the sentiment of celebration and unity by providing wines of distinction that recognises and pays respect to something that is an integral part of the culture of our beautiful country.  

Teddy Hall winemaker

Teddy Hall, the highly acclaimed wine maker, was asked to create two wines of exceptional quality that would be worthy of the Lobola name.  Teddy, loving a challenge, created a beautiful Cabernet/Shiraz and an equally elegant Chardonnay/Chenin.  He did however cautiously voice his scepticism, but trusted the passion for the concept.  

Teddy was fortunate to experience the excitement created by Lobola first-hand when patrons were given a sneek peak at the Juliet Cullinan Show.  To date, Lobola has been a catalyst to some very lively conversations between South Africans of all walks of live – living up to its aim of celebrating unity.

The Lobola range

The range of products bearing the Lobola name were designed to offer everybody an opportunity to share in the essence of this tradition of celebration and unity.  From the exclusive handcrafted box, made from the barrels that once housed the Lobola wines, to the elegant satin and velvet embroidered gift bags, these products will add a touch of style to any occasion and/or cellar.

Even without any packaging, Lobola wines are beautiful in their own right – right down to the braille on the back of the bottles.  

Find them in selected wine shops and bottle stores.


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