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The new tea brand causing a stir

ADVERTORIAL: The Cooper & Flyn range is new and exclusively available at Checkers. Indulge in these new teas starting from R19.99.

22 Aug 2017


Experience classic blends, unique flavours and aromas, and look out for the health benefits too.

A sweet & spicy cup

If you’d like to make a better cuppa, these great-tasting teas are a delicious and convenient choice. The range is a hand-picked selection that boasts mouth-watering infusions like vanilla chai tea. Its sweet and spicy blend of vanilla flavours not only tastes amazing but may also help stimulate, balance and support digestion.

Local and delicious

Rooibos and hoodia is another variant worth your attention in the Cooper and Flyn range. It’s a perfect blend of caffeine-free rooibos with hunger-suppressing hoodia, which could assist with weight management.

Tasty and healthy

The Cooper & Flyn oolong tea has a unique blend of flavours and aromas, which is created with hand-picked leaves. It can assist with reducing high cholesterol levels, facilitating stress management and promoting good dental health.


Made with the youngest, most delicate buds from the finest tea plants, the Cooper & Flyn white tea is an antioxidant-rich cup worth it all. Indulge in its delicate aroma and pure, subtle flavour.

Teatime treats

Whether you’re at the office or relaxing at home, the Cooper & Flyn range makes it easy to enjoy the finest selection of tea at supermarket prices. The next time you’re craving a good cuppa, add a delicious treat to it by following one of these easy Checkers recipes

Explore even more flavours in this new range by visiting your nearest Checkers store today! 



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