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Make your office coffee break the envy of your colleagues with these 6 clever tricks

These 6 hacks will make your coffee break extra special

29 Apr 2019
Make your office coffee break the envy of your col

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After a busy morning at the office, we love to sit down with a cup of coffee for 10 minutes and just relax. Here are 6 easy ways to take your coffee drinking from a necessity to a luxury:

1. Bring a mug from home that makes you smile

A special mug from your kids or a cup in your football team’s colours can do so much to lift your spirits. Thinking about the family or your weekend plans while you sip your coffee can give you the little boost you need to get through the rest of the day.

Bring a mug that makes you smile


2. Microwave your milk for a cappuccino experience

Preheat about 4 tablespoons of milk in the microwave before adding the coffee. This will keep your coffee hotter for longer as well as giving your coffee a rich, luxurious texture.

3. Add some extras to make it taste delicious

Just the tiniest amount of something special can transform your whole coffee break into a truly wonderful experience. Stir in a spoon of hot chocolate or add a sprinkle of cinnamon powder for something completely different.

4. Snack on a homemade granola bar or oatmeal cookie for a special moment

Cookies, rusks and biscuits can make your coffee break really something to look forward to! What’s more - they’re easy to bake and you can share them around with your colleagues.

TRY: Double chocolate Milo cookies

Double chocolate milo cookies

5. Experiment with different sweeteners

Try an alternative to regular sugar. Condensed milk, honey, maple syrup or even agave syrup can add a new dimension to your coffee.

6. Make an iced coffee on a hot afternoon

A hot cup of coffee is not always the best idea, so why not try it chilled? All you need is some ice and plenty of cold milk and you’re ready to sip on some chilled coffee refreshment.

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