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Coffee flour: add a buzz to your biscuits

Baking just got a whole lot cooler with this caffeinated ingredient.

12 Jan 2016

It seems like coffee is one heck of a versatile ingredient! Just when we thought we’d seen it all in the form of beer-flavoured coffee, nitro coffee and cold brew coffee, along comes the new coffee format...flour (yes - the type that you bake cakes with).

According to Huffington Post, this brand new patented flour was created by a nutritionist and a biophysicist  by the name of Daniel Perlman.

Things you should know about coffee flour:

- It’s made by roasting green coffee beans at a lower temperature than normal so that the powerful antioxidant, chlorogenic acid isn’t lost (which is what usually happens in normal coffee roasting process).

- Coffee flour is made from the actual coffee fruit and is therefore totally gluten-free.

- The flavour is more nutty as opposed to tasting just like a brewed cup of coffee.

- Coffee flour is used mainly for an enhancement in nutrients and flavour rather than a direct substitute for regular all-purpose flour.

- 4 grams of coffee flour is equal to 1 cup of coffee!

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