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What your personality says about the wine you should be drinking


25 Oct 2016

Are you tentatively venturing into the vine verse for the first time? Choosing the right bottles and varietals to explore can be a daunting task without at least a little guidance.

While we can’t offer you a 24-hour, built-in sommelier to ask questions about your likes and dislikes, we CAN help you figure out where to start based on your own unique personality flavours. But don’t rush it; one of the many joys of life is taking your time to explore before deciding on just one shade of wine to take home to mum!      

The Extrovert

Personalities who have a real ready-to-take-on-anything approach to life will usually land almost anywhere on the red to white wine spectrum. If this is the personality type you most identify with, then we definitely recommend Cabernet Sauvignon anytime a red is on the cards and then the super trendy moscato when you’re in the mood for a refreshing, crisp glass of white.

The Introvert

Are you the type who prefers to stay in with a good book, movie or TV show on a Friday night? Then we have the perfect varietal for your relaxing nights spent in huddling over a massive bowl of popcorn. Meet a big bottle of blissful Chardonnay, it truly is the perfect pairing for buttery flavours. And you’re sure to fall in love with the rich, creamy experience found in every single sip.

The Academic

When it comes to growing and nurturing Pinot Noir grapes, it takes a pure perfectionist to get it just right. So if you’re one who reveres scientific methodology, meticulous adherence to process and a stickler for understanding the cause and effect of the universe, then you’ll love the complexities of this red varietal. And here’s a little secret for you – one of the best places to find a memorable Pinot Noir at a fraction of the cost, is at your nearest Checkers Odd Bins aisle.

The Romantic

Do you get weak at the knees at the thought of a candlelit dinner with your loved one? Are sunsets your favourite time of day? Then the perfect wine for you is anything with bubbles in it! Sparkling wine and authentic French champagne have been the go-to for celebrating life, love and everything in-between since the 18th century. Find out more about the Checkers Wine Route’s sparkling selection here.

The Adventurer

If given the choice, would you pack up everything today and head out for an adventure around the world? Then the Wines of the World range at Checkers is the perfect place to begin exploring some of the best wine-producing regions on the planet. You can even explore them with South Africa’s Wine Wizard, Michael Fridjhon, in this interactive video:

The Naturalist

Do you consider yourself a nature lover? Does the siren song of the great outdoors call to you all day long? Then you should definitely investigate the range of organic, award-winning wines available at Checkers. These are not only more earth-friendly but they’re also seriously good! Find out more about this range here.

The Rebel

Ah you rebel, you’ve read this far knowing full well that you don’t like wine at all! That’s ok; we have the perfect bottle of adventurous, out-of-the-box spirit for you to try then. Meet the very special Checkers LiquorShop, Private Barrel Co.’s 23-year-old Aberlour single malt whisky. Get the low-down on this exclusive bottle here.

At the end of the day, the joy of wine is that there are so many different varieties to try for different occasions and seasons. We are elusive, mysterious and complicated creatures and, as such, deserve a wine that fits us like a perfect pair of designer gloves. It’s only a matter of time before you stumble upon the ultimate wine that’s juuust right for you. Happy hunting!  

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- Checkers


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