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The ice cube that can order you another drink from the bar

We love the way technology makes our lives easier!

08 Sep 2016
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Finally, a device that has our backs! One of the world’s leading drinks brands has developed a high-tech version of an ice cube called the Smart Cube with the ability to do wonders - a first of its kind. It can detect how much alcohol you have consumed - which is always helpful if you've lost count, reveal whether your drink has been spiked (DEFINITELY useful!) as well as being able to order your next drink for you - without you having to move a muscle. Score!

The device still operates and resembles a regular ice cube so your drinks still remain chilled (a bonus being that it also stays undiluted - i.e it doesn't melt to water like a regular ice cube would).

In 2014 South Africa was named most ‘drunkest’ country in Africa. Perhaps this device is what we need? A brilliant way to reduce alcohol consumption and the risks it brings about. Especially with the functionality where the bar itself can limit how many drinks each person can drink.

The system apparently sends out a special LED flash indicator to your friends - should you "hit your limit". This seems a bit strange because each person's "limit" is different and would you really want everyone around you knowing how much you've had to drink? It seems a little invasive and potentially humiliating. But perhaps (like all good clever tech-y gadgets) that's a setting thing than can be turned on or off.

WATCH how the Smart Cube works

This amazing tool with exceptional features at hand could change the way that we drink and socialize at our favourite watering holes. One can already see what a positive contribution it could have - should it ever make its way to South Africa. 

Would you order a drink that comes with a Smart (ice) Cube? Share your comments below.

- Mandy Blankenberg

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