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Cape Town's premium cocktail bar, Outrage of Modesty, introduces new head bartender from Singapore

Visit Outrage of Modesty and try their new Summer menu!

25 Oct 2017

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MEDIA RELEASE - Just a month short of its second birthday, Outrage of Modesty, the hidden speakeasy tucked discretely above a historic warehouse on Cape Town’s Shortmarket Street is ready to launch its Spring/Summer menu.

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Redefining Cape Town’s cocktail scene with a shrine dedicated to the art of the reimagined cocktail — a constrained ceremony celebrating flavour and ingredients over hype and theatrics — OoM welcomes its third international head-bartender, Singapore-based Noreen Dunzo to the team.

Bringing innovative Asian creativity and flair to South Africa, Noreen has developed a new menu of eight bespoke cocktails that use local seasonal ingredients to provide imbibers with an unrivalled experience.

“Upon arrival in Cape Town I immediately began exploring and was amazed at the vast array of fresh ingredients that are so easily accessible in and around the city,” says Noreen, who is constantly bustling behind the bar counter in full view of the intimate 28-seater venue.

“I love the fact that Outrage of Modesty is constantly evolving as a venue and experimenting with in-house fermentation to blend flavour profiles. For example, I was delighted to find readily available and affordable raw cacao nibs in the city, which I cold-brewed with bourbon and combined with mint amaro and homemade white chocolate foam to create the After 8 Mint. It’s unlikely I’d would ever have conceived this drink in Singapore.”

Open 5 nights a week (Tues-Sat) from 6pm, OoM’s modernist Scandinavian and Japanese interior has been strategically designed with tiered seating, providing a perfect view down to the bar to create a theatre of cocktails.

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