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Joburg bar's popular Dawa cocktail makes the list of 35 Must-Try Cocktails Around the World

These 10 cities made it onto the list - which one are you visiting first?

by: Mandy Blankenberg | 20 Mar 2017

If you are a cocktail lover, and traveling around the world is on your bucket list maybe this round-up will inspire you to go visit one of these cities. What's a better way to savour the local tastes of the destination than opting for their most popular beverages?

Luckily for us, we can stand proud as Joburg has landed a spot on the 35 Must-Try Cocktails Around the World list!

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According to Bloomberg the following cocktails around the world are worth getting tipsy on. How convenient is it to have a list of all the best cocktails around the world compiled into one list? It doesn't matter where in the world you might find yourself, there's always a delicious drink available!

Some of these cocktails might sound Greek to you, and others pretty familiar.

1. Johannesburg - Dawa cocktail at Sir James van der Merwe

The Dawa cocktail, derived from a Kenyan cocktail - is a combination of vodka, lime juice and honey.

2. Vienna - Bobe Special at Roberto American Bar

3. Florence - Negroni at Caffe Rivoire

The negroni cocktail was created in Florence and consists of equal parts gin, vermouth rosso, and Campari, with an orange peel.

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4. Venice - Peach Bellini at Harry’s Bar 

5. Hamilton, Bermuda - Rum Swizzle at Swizzle Inn

The cocktail consists of fresh orange juice, pineapple juice, rum and grenadine - it's perfectly blended with swizzle stick.

The original Bermuda rum swizzle ?????? #vacationdranks #pennyinbermuda

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6. Paris - Bloody Mary at Harry’s New York Bar

7. Michelada at Salon Tenampa

A Michelada is a Mexican cocktail that contains beer with fresh lime juice and a salt rim, it can be garnished with fruits

8. New York - Shark Eye at Mother of Pearl

9. Shanghai - English mule

An English mule cocktail is usually presented in a copper jug, the ingredients are combination of vodka, ginger beer and lime.

10. Chicago - The Porthole at The Aviary

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