Bisquit Cognac cheese and chocolate pairings

Bisquit hosted a sensational cognac pairing with two delicious guests of honour: Rose Gold and Interlude.

22 Sep 2015
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Press release:

Food24 was invited to a Bisquit cheese and chocolate pairing at the Bascule Bar last week. The pairing was led by Denis Lahouratate, the Maître de Chai for the House of Bisquit Cognac. Denis engaged and charmed his audience with his fine knowledge about the Bisquit brand and his well distinguished palate. He further honoured his South African guests with two very special variants which we got to taste at the pairing event – Bisquit X.O. Rose Gold and Bisquit Interlude - both of which are not available in South Africa.


The Limited Editions:

Bisquit Interlude has NEVER been tasted by anyone except Denis and Bisquit staff in Cognac, France. This was the first time Interlude was in the country. In fact, it is so rare that it is had not even been bottled yet! It is made from the oldest and most exceptional casks in Bisquit cellars. The eaux-de-vie that has been used in the blending of Interlude were all distilled in the previous millennium and have been aged for a minimum of 20 years. Only 20 blended barrels have been made and will ever be made. The barrels that haven’t been bottled each year continue to age and gain more value and character. It will be packaged in unique bottles and casings which will be once off collectors' items. Only 10,000 litre bottles will ever be supplied to the market over 10 years.


Bisquit X.O Rose Gold embodies the fine artistry and luxury of the Bisquit Cognac brand. Crafted as a tribute to the age-old copper stills it is created in, Bisquit X.O. Rose Gold is the journey of our Maître de Chai to create a cognac so magnificent and everlasting that it appeals to both the legacy of the House of Bisquit Cognacs and the award-winning flavour it is applauded for. A rare edition - only 1 819 bottles exist - symbolising the year in which Alexandre Bisquit founded his empire, Bisquit X.O Rose Gold is the cognac connoisseur’s ultimate choice; an elegantly hand-painted and beautifully decorated decanter containing  a superb cognac.


The Pairing Menu:

Bisquit V.S (Very Special) Classique is defined by its softness and freshness, revealing a bouquet of fruity aromas (pear and plum) with deeper notes of vanilla, cinnamon and oak. It is made primarily with eaux-de-vie from the Fins Bois area. Bisquit V.S. is beautifully balanced, generous and full in the mouth, Denis paired this outstanding cognac with Edam cheese and hazelnut crunch dark chocolate tartlets.

Bisquit V.S.O.P (Very Superior Old Pale) is smooth and mellow in character with a long finish. On the nose and in the palate, the V.S.O.P reveals a bouquet of full, ripe fruit (dried apricots) flavours. Drawn from the prestigious eaux-de-vie of Petite at Grande Champagne, the V.S.O.P is full of amber warmth and spice (cinnamon and clove). Denis paired this sumptuous cognac with mature Cheddar and a rich espresso dark chocolate tartlet.

The maturity of Bisquit X.O (Extra Old) is apparent when one looks at the deep, coppery amber colour and magnificent bouquet. It has distinctive, rich aromas with a full body and lingering smoothness. The X.O bouquet reveals strong hints of woody and smoky notes including tobacco and cocoa, with notes of sugar fruit and prune. The nose flavours are enriched with aromatic notes of plum, mocha, cedar wood and liquorice. Denis paired this cognac with Camembert cheese and a salted caramel dark chocolate tartlet.





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