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5 whiskey cocktails to make that last bottle go a little further

It’s time to embrace whiskey in more ways than just on the rocks.

by: Bianca Jones | 21 Apr 2020
Whiskey cocktail round-up

The internet seems to be debating the health benefits of whiskey – whether it boosts your immune system or if that’s just an old wives’ tale. If you’re curious about the immune benefits of whiskey, simply tired of drinking your favourite amber spirit neat or if it’s just the last bottle of booze you have left in the house (#lockdown2020 problems) then it’s time to get on the whiskey cocktail train!

Try one (or all!) of these five easy whiskey cocktails:

A classic Old Fashioned – everyone has to taste at least one in a lifetime!

Whiskey cocktail round-up

The Rusty Tack – best enjoyed straight from the hipflask (no judgment – times are tough) or over ice (if you prefer).

Whiskey cocktail round-up

If you love a mojito, you’ll love this Bulleit Bourbon Mint Julep. Fresh, clean and served on crushed ice.

Whiskey cocktail round-up

A whiskey sour – this is the cheat’s version to the egg challenge doing the rounds on social media. It’s a lot smoother, more enjoyable and you’ll willingly go back for a second round!

Whiskey cocktail round-up

A classic Manhattan means you can get out that old cocktail shaker and a snazzy glass – lockdown just got a little bit fancier!

Whiskey cocktail round-up

We don’t know about you, but we’re all for testing out the immune-boosting properties of whiskey! Keep safe and remember to share and tag @food24_sa in all your whiskey cocktail adventures.

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