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5 Gin-infused food recipes that all gin enthusiasts have to try

Rentse works her way from Food24 intern to expert 'GINTERN' as she learns to love this classic spirit.

by: Rentse Remolebeletse Khiba | 12 Mar 2018

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Raise your hand if you absolutely love gin! It took me a bit longer to join the 'gin gang', I used to hate the way it smelt and I would question how anyone could drink it. But once I was introduced to it properly, with people who know how to mix it (here are some handy tips for beginners like me), gin instantly became one of my go-to favourites.

Gin is a drink you can have fun with, there are so many ways to drink it. Like the acai bowl of alcohol, you have permission to go crazy with the toppings.

These are 5 recipes that I would’ve never imagined could be made with gin and I'm itching to try them all.

First up, we have gin and lemon doughnut macaroons with a citrus and mint mousse. Macaroons are popular for being dainty treats that go well with a cup of tea, but these boozy treats are a twist on the classic that might pair well with a standard G&T. 

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This recipe is bound to be the Summer cake of your dreams, featuring gin as its main ingredient… Whaaat?! With an easy recipe your party days are about to align with this gin and coconut granadilla curd cake.

Like a kid in a candy store, watch before your eyes as your gin and tonic is transformed into jelly! Mix in gin and tonic for a refreshing and zesty treat.

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On a hot Summer’s day, I always crave ice-cream. Luckily for me,  I can have the best of both worlds by making this gin and strawberry swirl ice-cream

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And just to show how versatile gin is, you can even have it for dinner. Make this pork loin in gin sauce and serve with some white rice.

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 How to get the attention of a busy bartender

I don’t need any more convincing, gin is life! Let us know how you mix your gin up.


How to master your own at-home gin tasting

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