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Batch cooking like a boss: Meals to make when you simply can’t be bothered to spend another minute in the kitchen

Get out your notepad and start gathering your ingredients!

by: Tessa Purdon | 06 Apr 2020
Batch cooking

What is batch cooking?

Before you get intimidated by the term, all it really means is making larger portions of different foods in one session. Why? So you can simply save them for a later date. You can mix and match ingredients to create versatile lunches and dinners without having to actually cook a whole meal from scratch each and every single day of #SALockdown, making for a real timesaver if you’re still working hard from home. The key is to make sure you have enough fridge and freezer space – plus loads of containers!

Items that are great to make in bulk


Soup is wonderful to freeze and doesn’t require too much effort aside from blitzing everything up with a stick blender once it’s cooked on the stovetop.

TRY: Spiced lentil and vegetable soup OR Spicy coconut broccoli soup

Broccoli soup


This is one of the easiest meat dishes to freeze. Plus, it really takes the comfort-food factor up a notch.

TRY: Mushroom and beef short rib ragu tagliatelle OR Pork cheek ragu

Mushroom and beef short rib ragu


Pies really freeze well and are the perfect antidote to a long day of working from home. You can make your own pastry or opt for store-bought.

TRY: Fish and potato pie OR Creamy chicken pie with corn and basil

Chicken pie


A family classic that’s hard to resist. 

TRY: Veggie and meatball casserole OR Pork and shallot casserole with sage and mushrooms

Pork casserole

Fruit compote

This is great to have on hand for quick breakfasts. Add to pancakes or simply spoon over plain yoghurt for something a little healthier.

TRY: Berry compote OR Apple sauce

Berry compote


Make sure to hide the container or make triple the amount you normally do, as you’ll probably find yourself snacking on this all day.


Grain-free granola OR Coffee and goji berry granola

Coffee granola

Quick tips:

1. If you aren’t cooking whole meals, use ingredients that have a neutral flavour

This allows for flexibility so that you can spontaneously assemble whatever you’re craving in the moment. Ways to prepare: chop or cook any vegetables, cook your grains and proteins, make dressings and sauces. Then keep them all separate and combine when ready! 

2. Don’t overcomplicate it

Make two or three batch cooking meals for the week. You don’t need to have every meal prepped and planned like a military operation.

3. Portion as much as you can

By portioning your food, it allows you to reheat only what you have taken out of the fridge/freezer – and also means you have a mental stocktake of how much you have left.

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