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Food24Bytes: Hannerie Visser on the future of food and the FOOD XX movement

Food24 editor, Tessa Purdon visited Hannerie Visser at Studio H in Cape Town to talk to her about her exciting new projects.

06 Nov 2018
hannerie visser

(image: Retha Ferguson)

FOOD XX (pronounced: /fu?d eks eks/) is a platform and movement that delivers life-changing and empowering content for womxn by womxn in the food and drinks industry in South Africa. It is the brain child of the all-womxn food design agency, Studio H, that is known for food design projects such as S/Zout, a project on water scarcity and agriculture, Chips!, the independent digital food magazine and the Street Food Festival that drives economic empowerment and food entrepreneurship around the country.

"FOOD XX is a reaction to the massive women empowerment movement that's happening all over the world," says food designer and founder of Studio H, Hannerie Visser. "We live in a world that is completely dominated by males still and that needs to change. The whole idea about FOOD XX is that we talk about these things and that we find solutions together."

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