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Food24Bytes: The life of a private chef on the high seas

Find out what being a private yachting chef is all about and how it inspired South African, Alix Verrips to write a cookbook about her travels.

15 Dec 2017

What would life be without brunch? That lazy, laid-back meal filled with only things delicious and often a bit decadent. Imagine a whole book on the subject filled with glorious recipes from all over the world. The exotic flavours of Spain and comfort food classics from Britain... Greek-style feasts and Asian dim sum. 

Chef Alix Verrips has spent 15 years in the yachting industry cooking for a host of royalty, celebrities, oligarchs and industrialists. She is the only female chef to have been the Head Chef on four of the top 20 largest yachts in the world. Her cookbook, 'Brunch Across 11 Countries: Recipes of a private chef' takes readers on a culinary voyage and offers a taste of her globe-trotting lifestyle and the captivating, thrilling places she's visited. 

Alix chats to Food24 about her life as a private chef in the grueling yachting industry, her favourite recipes from the book as well as the strangest dish she's ever had to cook. 

Grab your earphones and take a listen!

Read more about Alix's life as a private yachting chef HERE

Brunch Across 11 Countries: Recipes of a private chef is published by Human & Rousseau and is available in local bookstores across SA.

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