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Poached eggs and Parma ham wafers

A decadent breakfast to start the day. more


The Beach Hut Café and Restaurant in Ballito

Come and enjoy deliciously prepared contemporary cuisine in a relaxed and beautiful more


The Kiosk at the Botanical Gardens in Durban

For the best crumpets and other decandences pop in at The more


The Press Club in Durban

Solid portions, good food and great flair. more


Whole-wheat scones

Healthy breakfast scones. more


Granola bars

With goji berries and mixed more


Fetty’s Southern style grits (mielie meal)

Grits can be served with savoury meals too; simply omit the sugar and season with fresh cracked black more


Wholewheat scones

Healthy breakfast more


The green machine

Alkalise your body with this green more


Spice master

Loaded with antioxidants, this smoothie will boost your more


5 healthy and simple breakfast ideas

A different breakfast for every day of the work more


Bacon and Brie deep omelette

Smoky bacon with creamy Brie are a winning more


Strawberry flapjacks with maple syrup

A perfect lazy-weekend breakfast idea. more


10 best breakfasts to make in the new year

Whether you start the year bright-eyed and bushy-tailed or hungover, we've got you more


French Toast

French toast is a breakfast that will never let you more


Low carb coconut porridge

Topped with fresh berries and more


Kiwifruit and pineapple smoothie

For a real immune-boosting breakfast or more


Spicy baked eggs

This big bowl is welcome on any more



Swing by and treat your palate to tastes from Belgium, Germany, Austria and more


Chia breakfast pudding

Trending circa 2015: Chia seeds can absorb up to 10 x their weight in liquid; the end result is a little chewy and great for absorbing other more


7 breakfasts worth waking up for

Not a morning person? These will turn you into one! more


Bircher muesli with fresh berries

Delicious low-GI muesli with fresh berries and more


The Benjamin Hotel in Durban

A beautiful hotel and space that oozes old world charm and boasts with the best when it comes to more


Pesto at the Palace Hotel

A treat for not only your palate but your soul as you sit and dine in the gorgeous Pesto more


Apple and carrot wholewheat spelt breakfast muffins

The carrot and apple add a natural sweetness and help to keep the muffin tender and moist. more


Wholewheat scones

Healthy breakfast scones. more


Stretta Cafe in Durban

A rustic and upmarket hang-out serving up deliciously creative more


Traditional pancakes

Nothing better than warm, honey-drenched more


2-minute health muffin

A simple and nutritious meal in a more


Eora in Durban

Pop in at this trendy kitchen and bar and enjoy deliciously prepared more


Blueberry boogie

Easy, seasonal, and loaded with goodness! more


7 different ways to enjoy eggs for breakfast

Tired of eating eggs cooked the same way? more


The breakfast muffin

A great way of using over-ripe bananas or the odd carrot and more


Bacon, tomato and cheese open omelette

A tasty high protein breakfast that's more


Eggs in bacon-wrapped avocado nests

These breakfast morsels are unbelievably good and will satisfy even the biggest of appetites! more


Anthony's (Durbanville)

Pop in for breakfast or a light lunch at this new cafe in more


Eggs in spicy tomato sauce

Adapted from John Whaite more

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