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Ray Reniér
08-02-2016 11:16
Amazing Food and amazing staff - I discovered the Maharaj via Groupon some time ago. Since then, I eat at the Maharaj once a week. (me and a friend). We love the food, we love the staff, we love the owner. The portions of the food is generous, really generous. And what makes the experience is the Naan! My word, the butter naan is out of this world. Went on a Tuesday - it is buffet night - so worth it. We ate our hearts out. Not sure how we got outa there walking, and not rolling. Get a window seat with a view - doesn't even feel like you are in Jozi.
Joelene Blommie Ackermann
05-02-2016 04:29
Got there at round about 11am on Sunday 31 January. It's inviting at first and the menu seemed interesting. sat down to order and can't serve most of the menu. Don't have beef, Don't have fish don't have almost nothing in stock, so we left. The Excuse??? sold out! Don't insult my intelligence. Be honest with patrons before wasting their time. Not deserving even half a star
Marisa Swart
25-01-2016 01:06
Beautiful setting and atmosphere. The staff is incredibly friendly and efficient. The food is artfully presented and the wine is simply sublime. Love this spot!
LadyPricada Mbira Mzwakali
24-01-2016 05:36
How much is the buffet @Lotta food
Jodi-Cash Atherton
20-01-2016 04:42
Sat down for a lunch and couple Kilkenny's only to be told that I must move... Reason being was that somebody has some kind of intangible ownership of the corner seat. Although lucky for me the person allowed me to sit there. Seriously not the service one expects when your willing to sit down and have a couple Kilkenny's and a meal or two for the day. That aside, I'm in Durban every holiday period and connor's was a place I would go to all the time but now the George in umshlanga seems to be calling my name...
Pinky Rapitsi
20-01-2016 05:30
Worst experience ever. Owner was unfriendly, order took forever to come, ordered a platter and it did not come as a platter, it came in bits and pieces with 10 to 15 minutes interval. Left without getting what we ordered. Sushi was not rolled properly, it was just falling apart. Order took 1.5 hrs to come. Worst service I've ever experienced. Half a star just for opening doors.
Brian Cuzzy Leppan
19-01-2016 08:36
And simply because one post is not enough! There was absolutely no good aspect to my experience at OCEAN BASKET CORNWALL VIEW!!!!!!!!!
Brian Cuzzy Leppan
19-01-2016 08:34
Most sub-standard Ocean Basket in Pretoria, Service is dismal and when you try speak to the owner about the fact that all of your food seems boiled because the calamari is actually floating around in what seemed like water?? I cannot stress how terribly we were treated on the 19-01-2016, 20:00, The worst is we still had to pay for the atrocious food and have the owner mouth off when you leave. This survey doesn't have a low enough rating for the service we got at Ocean Basket Cornwall View!!!!!!
Cathy Marston
11-01-2016 11:44
I'm very reluctant to review this restaurant mainly because I don't want other people to find out about it. Just moved into the neighbourhood and checked this out on Friday night. I had been a big fan of the local Thai restaurant in our old 'hood, but this knocked it out of the ball park. It's small so you are advised to book and there was a steady stream of people coming into collect takeaway - which didn't seem to hold up proceedings for anyone inside the restaurant as far as I could see. Prices are extremely reasonable and portions are extremely large - won't be making the mistake of ordering so much next time! Really good flavours on everything, satay in particular tasted as if not just the marinade but the dipping sauce were made in-store which was great. Lovely selection of craft beer and very good, thoughtful wine list (tad heavy on the Hemel en Aarde but waitress told us that the owner makes wine out there - love informative staff!). Taken all round - I am thrilled to live so close to this and if I lived further away, this is a place I would make the effort to drive to. Damn - know I'm going to regret telling you all about this!!
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