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Maya Jane
02/10/2014 03:26
Decided to try out HQ after hearing such good things but what a let down. Steak was bland and almost tasteless. But I must say that the service was great, cocktails were superb too. Such a pity that the steak was awful.
Thora Kristafor
02/10/2014 02:03
I went to Safari this morning for lunch and sat for approx. 20 mins and didn't even get offered a menu. It wasn't particularly busy and the 2 waiters walked passed me frequently.
02/10/2014 01:11
I from JHB and I can honestly say Cape Town restaurants are the best and this one take number 1. The service, the food, the ambience. 10 out of 10. Keep up the good work
Aubrey Kloppers
02/10/2014 12:23
Poor, poor service! Food nothing to write home about, over-priced and trying to be smart...
Chantal Cantin
01/10/2014 12:47
What a disappointing experience and appalling attitude. Living in Obs, I have often driven past the twinkling lights of Gypsy Cafe and thought that I must pay it a visit. With a birthday coming up and wanting a special place for a dinner for 20 people I wandered in with my husband yesterday to take a look see. What I experienced was a complete exercise in how not to run a business in the service industry! The owner was busy when we walked in so we waited patiently for him. Note that there were only two tables of two in the restaurant. Once he was done with the clients, he walked past us twice and ignored us both times. On the third walk by, i asked him if he could briefly chat and he said "I'm rather busy right now!". So I said oh, I had hoped to speak to you about having a birthday dinner here to which he said, well it depends when! When I gave the date which is a Saturday, he replied to say that they are only open Mondays to Fridays and hence he cannot help. I enquired why he wasn't open on Saturdays thinking that a small restaurant may well open for a function of 20 people and he said, "because i have a life!" So dear owner of Gypsy Cafe, enjoy your life. This is certainly not an establishment I will ever visit again and frankly your attitude is not one that belongs in delightful Observatory. In today's age where there is great choice, it will be service and attitude that will make or break establishments like this.
Simone Thijssen
01/10/2014 11:55
Lovely fresh food and very tasty. Good service and a fresh vibe.
Graham C
01/10/2014 09:41
I'm amazed that they were so quiet on Saturday. the quality of food and service deserves a fully booked restaurant every night.
30/09/2014 07:37
I have had a nice email from Spencer at Thornton Whites, saying he will look into the matter. Thank you, Spencer.
30/09/2014 02:03
30/09/2014 01:37
Unfortunately I can rate Thornton Whites no more than a (generous) 1 star, after having had a very disappointing experience there 2 weeks ago: I arrived alone for lunch at about 12:15, having seen several tempting lunch special menu posts on Facebook. On arrival, the lunch special board was outside the door, listing about 5 specials that had been posted on Facebook, and upon being seated, the waiter confirmed that the dishes listed on the blackboard were indeed all of the current lunch specials. I noted a wifi signal on my phone, and asked the waiter if it was available for use by customers. He affirmed it was, and that he would get the password for me. He then returned to say that the wifi "was off", and indeed - it appeared that it had been turned off, as the previously visible signal had disappeared. I then asked whether I could order one of the lunch specials, and I was then told none - not a single one - of the lunch specials were in fact available, and was then handed the standard menu to order from instead. I left, as I already know and have been left unimpressed with Thornton White's standard menu in the past, and had wanted to see whether their new specials might be more interesting. I emailed immediately thereafter, rather that posting a review at that stage, in the hope of finding out what went wrong on the day, as I very much wanted to understand the situation, and not be left wondering whether this was a matter of bait and switch. I have not had a reply to date, and see from their website others have difficulty contacting you by telephone as well. Unfortunately the lack of response now merely confirms my (charitable) perception of “can do better” client service, or perhaps their Internet is still down...
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