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06-03-2015 07:48
Love the place. First time was great burger and atmosphere. Now I go at least twice a week, Love the sun and surf with chicken strips and coleslaw
06-03-2015 09:43
I don't tend to write terrible reviews, preferring to say when I think companies are doing an amazing job but I felt so horrified by the level of service we received at the Woodstock Lounge that I needed to let people know! On Wednesday evening we went for a farewell dinner, a party of approx 20 people, pre-booked so they knew we were coming and how we were treated and the level of service we received was disgusting! Dinner was quite casual so we didn't mind if there was a little gap in when the meals came out, everything came out in drips and drabs - no one ate together, friends that had to leave early had to cancel their meals and two members of our party received their meals over an hour late! The first thing that was odd was that our waiter never bothered to check that everyone's meals were okay and if we needed anything else and we were unable to get the last missing meal out of him. Eventually we had to find someone else to ask about the final missing meal - we spoke to two different people as time went by to try and get the meal out. Eventually we cornered the manager who is quite possibly the worst manager I have ever dealt with in my life! He is rude, inexperienced with zero service etiquette. He was able to get the last meal out eventually, but made no mention of how sorry they were it had taken so long, no offer of having that meal taken off the bill, or what he could do to appease the situation. He merely stated that he didn't know we were waiting on the missing meal (despite us speaking to a number of different staff members) and that now that he knew about it all he could do was get it made. He was rude and condescending. When I mentioned that as a member of the service industry you should be willing to go the extra mile when dealing with customers where you are clearly in the wrong and could offer to take my friends meal off the bill he said well then the waiter will just pay for it. The waiter approached me to discuss this, obviously put out by paying for the meal, and firstly addressed me as "love" which I find highly offensive, I am your customer not your "love" and he thought that receiving your meal over an hour late is completely acceptable because, well, you received it didn't you? The whole team are vile, disorganised and with zero communication skills. They made out as if it was our fault, when all we had done was spent a lot of money at their establishment after hearing that the food and drinks and atmosphere were great. We have no complaints on the food or the drinks on offer, the restaurant is comfortable and great for a large party but I will never ever set foot in that place again after dealing with such blatantly rude and incompetent individuals!!!
06-03-2015 08:33
Really shameful service and treatment here. Clearly punished for taking in a birthday cake. We were made to feel like absolute criminals come the end of the evening when, after ordering coffees (and after they were cleared), the manager came over and said “normally we don’t allow this kind of thing, but you’ve ordered coffees so it’s fine.” Why was that necessary, given the fact he knew we had consumed the coffees? Waitron also snippy come the end of the evening when he brought the bill and said “normally we charge cakeage but we are going to waive it”. Clearly both thought they were doing us an incredible, benevolent favour. I am certainly not without sense and fully understand the potential controversy of taking a cake into a steakhouse, and would gladly have paid R50 or R100 cakeage fee. Even if it had arrived on the bill without explanation, I would happily have paid it, but to have it rubbed in our faces on someone’s special occasion is just unprofessional and shameful. No one wanted desserts anyway, but for the sake of a potential R150 gain in desserts from a R1 000 bill (some steaks at R160 or R180 each), we will never return. Also notably bizarre was the waitron’s poor attitude at me asking him to confirm the vintages of two wines on the menu. The lack of respect with which we were treated is indicative of really poor rot in the management. Avoid.
05-03-2015 02:30
What an amazing little Thai restaurant. I decided to host my birthday at this restaurant and was so amazed at the wonderful food and service. They made us all feel at home. I would definitely recommend this restaurant especially if you are looking for traditional Thai cuisine. Well done!
05-03-2015 09:37
We have a Guesthouse in Windmill Road, so when 10 guests arrived on Sunday 1st February and needed a seafood restaurant, I suggested Ocean Basket Musgrave. The following morning, they reported back that not only was the food appalling, but the service too was disgusting. They advised us not to send our guests back under any circumstances. Apologies that it has taken so long to report this, but we've been on holiday - only just returned. And then, we had two guests last evening who went to Ocean Basket - said the food was pretty good but the service disgusting. Waitron spilled on their table and then there was no alchohol in the cocktail. Do we send future guests??
04-03-2015 11:56
Great food, excellent service. My absolute favorite for years now.
04-03-2015 11:12
The owners son worked last night behind the bar, he was very rude and unprofessional, people there didn't even had a chance to finish of their drinks. They just chased everyone away and throw away their last drinks.I am going to launch a complaint against seafarer on internet so people wont visit that place ever again. Pathetic. 0 for rating
Helen Dagut
04-03-2015 08:31
Had a very disappointing experience at Greens on 3/3/15. Really slow, inattentive service (had to get up 3 times to call our waiter), very mediocre food, dirty bathroom. And the restaurant was half empty, so not clear why it wasn't operating efficiently. Having been a regular, don't think I'll return.
04-03-2015 12:45
good exprience postive attitude
peter T
03-03-2015 12:24
Myself and two friends have lunch at Lupa every week, the food and service cannot be faulted, we have never been dissapointed
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