Boston Burgers in Cape Town reviewed

Boston's got the classic burger down.

by: Ceili McGeever
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When I heard that another burger joint had opened in town, my first thought was why? Was it necessary? Fortunately for Boston they are quite isolated from the general CBD hub, and they also offer a totally different ambience and character to its counterparts.

You immediately feel like you’re in an American sports bar with TV screens hanging on the walls accompanied by US memorabilia. Eric, Boston’s owner, seemed to enjoy explaining the various framed badges he’d collected over the years while he lived in The States. His Irish blood and love for Boston convinced him to bring a little slice of the American city to our Cape Town shores.

boston, review,burger joint, burgers,amercian,buit

One look at my burger and I knew that Boston had its own unique offering and a style of burger that differed to those I’ve previously tasted. Firstly the way it was served was extremely simple, on a tin plate covered by a sheet of wax paper. The brioche bun was large and covered in white and black sesame seems, accompanied by skinny fries.

The burgers are all named after different Boston legends for example ’Da Matt’ after Matt Damon. I went for the JFK, a burger of mature Irish cheddar and I swapped the bacon for jalapenos. Again the simplicity of the burger struck me. I usually prefer a burger with lettuce, tomato and all those trimmings, but the lack of garnish really showed off the quality of the main ingredients: the patty and the bun. A fluffy bun encompassed a soft, cheesy beef patty and I was delightfully persuaded by Boston’s burger-making ability. The burger also came out quickly and was served with Heinz ketchup, a personal preference.

boston, review,burger joint, burgers,amercian,buit
Da Matt

boston, review,burger joint, burgers,amercian,buit

Although burgers are all the rage right now, they seem to be here to stay. People have been enjoying the burger for a number of years and Boston is certainly a strong contender in the current burger race. Its unpretentious attitude and basic style of preparation make Boston’s food look like an easy accomplishment. Kevin clearly knows how to create a classic good burger.

Burgers range between R75 and R85 and Boston also serves breakfast, salads and bar accompaniments.

boston, review,burger joint, burgers,amercian,buit

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- Ceili McGeever

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