6 excuses to plan a Summer party


15 Nov 2016

The festive season is right around the corner, bringing hot days, warm evenings and the holidays. Those are the perfect ingredients for all sorts of fun in the sun, after-dinner drinks and summer recipes. If anyone needs an excuse to get into the festive spirit, we have plenty of party suggestions.

1. You have kids…

A picnic is a great kid-friendly treat. Turn it into an exciting trip or bring the magic to your backyard. All your location needs is spot of grass on which you can spread a blanket.

Find inspiration from Alice in Wonderland and pack a basket of ice tea and sweet treats, perfect for a Mad Hatter picnic party. You can also invest in a picnic rucksack and save on disposable utensils. Don’t forget paper or dish towels to wipe sticky mouths and hands – and playing cards or lawn games to keep them entertained.

2. You know how to braai…

If your picnic spot has braai facilities, you can host an outdoor party with a heartier menu. Charcoal, wood and firelighters are all available at supermarkets near you. They’re also sure to stock your favourite beverages. You just have to answer one question: to prep or not to prep?

If you are not prepared to prep, explore Checkers’ range of ready-to-braai starters, mains and desserts – or delegate the duty to other guests. If prep puts a pep in your step, learn the tips and tricks to braai like the best.

3. You live near the beach…

Why not take your summer soirée to the beach! By day, it’s great for games along the surf. By evening, it’s the perfect place to unwind with sundowners.

The theme: good ol’ fun in the sun. Pack games, yummy snacks or padkos fare and a cooler box full of delicious drinks and popsicles. Don’t forget there could be lots of sand and very little shade, so take towels or chairs you can sit on, as well as an umbrella, a sun hat and sunscreen you can reapply every 2–3 hours.

4. You love sundowners…

If after-dinner drinks pique your interest, why not make them the star of your party? You can either keep things casual on the beach or get fancy with easy-to-make cocktails and canapés. The best part about either is how simple they are to set up. You can grab everything you need on the day at your nearest Checkers. It only takes minutes to arrange at home.

5. You love movies…

On the days of the month where money runs low, keep things really simple. Invite the girls over for movie nights. With a few pillows, comfy couches or a mattress, you can easily transform your living room into the most comfortable cinema imaginable. Just remember to check that the film is in a genre everyone enjoys.

As for the food, get affordable movie snacks, like chocolates, candy and sodas. And you can’t forget about the popcorn – whether you make it from scratch or buy ready-to-pop packs in your favourite flavours.

6. You celebrate Christmas…

Give Christmas parties a mysterious twist by playing a game of Secret Santa. It works like this: everyone invited, plays the role of secret gift giver to someone attending the party.

To ensure that no one ends up disappointed, set a gift price range and tick off the names of those who receive gifts during the official exchange. Then have a few spares on hand for anyone who fails to bring one or misses the party – or get inspired by Checkers' home-baked gift ideas.

- Checkers

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