5 pantry staples that you should be making from scratch

You'll never buy store-bought varieties again!

02 Feb 2015

Welcome to 2015 - where everything is stored 'in the cloud". The news of the day makes its way to you in real-time, you can print your food at the press of a button, download the latest season of your favourite series in only a few minutes and Skype your brother in Alaska... all before your first morning meeting of the day. It's called multi-tasking life and it's only getting busier, with little time to spend worrying about that one thing that actually keeps us going - food (our true source of fuel and energy).

Thankfully with the help of 24-hour convenience shops and Mr Delivery, there's really no need to sweat an onion!

"Who has time to cook?", you say.

But what we don't take notice of, is the growing list of preservatives, E-numbers and horrifying amounts of "modified starch" and corn syrup that is pumped into our store-bought food. Which is why I am urging you to make one small change this year. Make your own condiments from scratch.

They won't keep for as long as store-bought but that's because they are made with wholefoods - real ingredients that contain real nutrients for your cells. The great thing is that they are pretty simple to prepare. Promise! 

1. Mayonnaise - use fresh, free-range eggs for the best results!

2. Basting sauce - just a few ingredients go into a saucepan to heat through and Bob's your uncle.

3. Pesto - a genius invention. Pesto can be enjoyed with veggies, in sandwiches, with grilled meat, baked potatoes and even eggs. Yum.

4. Hummus - the spread of all spreads. Hummus packs a nutritious punch with its fat, carb and protein content, together with folate and iron.

5. Tomato sauce - unlike many store-bought varieties, this one doesn't contain heaps of sugar and sodium.

- Tessa Purdon

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