The great hot cross bun debate: raisins or no raisins?

Do you pick the raisins out of your hot cross buns? Take part in our fun vote!

Like so many significant things in life, food really has the power to get people talking and to voice their opinions. Remember when this chicken pasta recipe had Facebook users in a tizzy because the pasta was cooked in milk and not water?! Or how the President of Iceland actually said he would ban pineapple as a topping on pizza if he could? We often wonder what all the fuss is about but actually – this stuff is important, people!

Now that Easter is on its way, every supermarket and bakery is lining its shelves with that classic Easter bake – the hot cross bun. Did you know that back in the day hot cross buns were only really eaten on Good Friday? This explains the marking of a white cross on the top.

Aside from the fundamental cross, other things that characterise hot cross buns are: the yeast leavened dough (usually fresh yeast), mixed spice and cinnamon and the inclusion of currants or raisins. It’s this ingredient that causes quite a stir (excuse the pun) with many people abhorring any type of food with raisins in it. Which makes sense that local supermarkets now stock various flavours of hot cross buns with anomalous ingredients like chocolate - but does that even make them hot cross buns anymore?!

Let us know your thoughts in our vote below:



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