For the love of churros

10 of the best churros found on Instagram, and where to find them in SA.

by: Jade Lawrence
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Nobody knows exactly how the churro came about, who invented it and its origin - but one thing we know for sure is that it is pure deliciousness! You can have them for breakfast, dessert and as a snack - so versatile, right?

Although they are not that big in South Africa as of yet, there are a few places that serve them:

Taqueria and El Burro, Cape Town
Perron and Paquitos Treatery , Joburg
Lucky Rodrigo, Pretoria
El Toro, Durban

Why not try making a batch at home with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar and a chocolate/caramel sauce for dipping! Or try this recipe for Churros French toast stack, which will blow your mind.

There are two kinds - thin and thick, the thick churro's are known as porra.

Prepare yourself for some churro madness: Enter the most draw-droppingly-delicious churros from around the world!

1. Extra large and extra crunch


A photo posted by Damien Meyer (@damienjadynadia) on

2. Loops of joy!


A photo posted by SCOTT AFTERS. Afters Ice Cream (@scottafters) on

3. A churro ice-cream cup? Can somebody say, YUM!!!

This should get you out of the rainy day blues. ?? @astroboyisgay (Frozen Break Ice Cream Bar)

A photo posted by Zomato Philippines (@zomatoph) on

4. Jam-packed churro's, nothing beats this.

#churros #nutella #brazil #saopaulo #sp #instapic #instalike #instafood #instacool #food

A photo posted by Cute Dream Pictures (@cutedreampictures) on

5. Fried chicken tucked between two churro rounds-absolutely to die for.

6. A churro cone, because normal cones are so old school!

7. Churro's and ice-cream, a decadent combo.

8. Topped and filled!!!

9. Churros looking very pretty

Made churros, ate churros, am churros! ??

A photo posted by Katie Deacon (@katie_petlamb) on

10. Chocolate on the inside?!

- Jade Lawrence

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