7 citrus-driven recipes to put your seasonal oranges to use

Don't just peel and eat, add them to your meals and bakes for a delightful citrus note!

by: Jade Lawrence
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Every Winter the fruit bowl is naturally stacked with oranges, the lovely bright orange fruit that does wonders with its high vitamin C concentration. Great to keep up your immunity during Winter and to snack on when you have a cold.

Oranges contain no saturated fat and are rich in dietary fibre - so many benefits to this orange fruit ball.

If you've got a surplus of oranges, putting them to use in recipes is never a bad idea- they add an extra bite to meals and amazing aromas and flavour to baked goods.

Here are a few recipes you should try:

1.Roast sweet potatoes with orange and honey syrup

recipe, sweet potatoes, roast, oranges, honey

2. Pumpkin puffs with orange caramel sauce

recipe, pumpkin, oranges, caramel

3.Lamb neck with artichokes and orange peel

recipe, lamb, oranges, dinner

4.Orange and almond torte

recipe, bake, oranges, almonds, sweet

5.Ricotta and orange doughnuts

recipe, doughnuts, oranges, ricotta, sweet

6.Chicken with orange and star-anise

recipe, chicken, orange, star anise, dinner

7.Orange and olive oil cake

recipe, oranges, olive oil, bake


- Jade Lawrence

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