6 genius dinner recipes to add flavour to your week

Low carb tacos, easy chicken biryani and one heck of a ramen...and more!



Weeknight dinners can be a pain. Aside from the actual cooking and prepping bit, finding ingredients can also be a problem, especially when you're doing your shop during the after-work rush hour.

Recipes for weeknight dinners need to be easy, affordable and quick, but at the same time you want something that tastes like a whole lot of effort went into it.

These 6 dishes are fairly quick to prepare with the exception for the ramen which must be prepped the day before, but it's worth the wait. They also don't have hard-to-find ingredients and make for good leftovers.

Spring officially begins this week, so these offer a good mix of dishes that fit the in-between stage we are currently in. Enjoy!

1. Chicken Parmigiana without the Parmesan


2. Bone broth ramen


3. Chakalaka lamb enchiladas - WATCH VIDEO HERE

4. Kale, turmeric and coconut soup


5. Cheat's chicken biryani


6. Low carb fish tacos


- Food24

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