5 ways to sweeten up your day with condensed milk

Nothing quite beats the silky texture!

by: Mandy Blankenberg
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Is there anything sweeter than the gloriously smooth condensed milk?

The food item that brings pleasure to our souls - it's made from concentrated milk, a procedure that involves raw milk losing more than half its water substance. During this process the milk gets sterilized, homogenized and then packaged.

Today many people still use condensed milk as a sweetener for their beverages: tea or coffee. Others find it just as indulgent by eating the creamy mixture as a treat. Once opened, the mixture can be stored in the fridge or freezer in an air-tight container.

If you have already consumed half the tin's contents – why not try some of our recipes to ensure you make the best of the second half!

Different flavoured fudge:

Homemade fudge

Milo fudge

Jelly Tot fudge

Liqueur fudge

Red velvet fudge

Easy chocolate fudge with fruit and nuts

Vanilla fudge

Choc-nut fudge

Condensed milk used in different
desserts and baked goods

Millionaire’s shortbread

condensed milk,recipes,treats

Easiest crème caramel

condensed milk,recipes,treats

Banana bread

condensed milk,recipes,treats

Key lime pie

condensed milk,recipes,treats

Peanut butter caramel slices

condensed milk,recipes,treats


- Mandy Blankenberg

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