3 seasonal Winter gems we are sad to say goodbye to

We'll miss our avocados, pears and citrusy oranges greatly!

by: Chanté Felix | 31 Aug 2016
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Yesterday was the the last official day of Winter and while we're glad to kiss the gloomy, cold, wet months goodbye, it's sad to part from this season's gems.

The versatile avocado will probably be the hardest to say goodbye to because there's so many different ways that one can enjoy it. And it's not something that you can easily substitute in a recipe.

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There are so many delightful fruits and vegetables in season during Winter and it's always a good idea to incorporate this into your cooking. Seasonal cooking also comes with a whole lot of benefits.

Check out these tasty avo, orange and pear dishes that we'll be leaving behind in Winter.

Semolina orange cake with rosemary soaking syrup.

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Roast sweet potatoes with orange and honey syrup.


Chicken with orange and star anise.

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Baby marrow noodles with avocado and pesto.

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Spaghetti with broccoli and avocado.




Pears poached in saffron and white wine.

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Pastry wrapped caramel pears.

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Caramel malva pudding with cognac pears.

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- Chante Felix


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